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Showing play count in HyperSpin (using Rocket Launcher)?

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Hi everyone - this forum has been incredibly  valuable as I finally have a working cabinet running HS 1.4 and Rocket Launcher.  The only thing still bugging me is a minor one. 

I would love to show the play count of each game when I'm flipping through the wheel, for instance on MAME. I went into the MAME.ini and found Game Text options, but I don't see a control for showing play count. And I don't know if there's a way to override the info that HyperHQ wants to display vs. what I can control in "Fade - Info" in RL. Any ideas?

I may post again one more time when I try to create my own custom genres and rom lists :) but hopefully I can figure that out on my own and with existing posts. Appreciate any help on the display info settings!

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As far as I know that feature doesn't exist in Hyperspin and is just a RL fade thing.

Sent from my SM-G935V

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Gotcha - well that's good news that I'm not missing something obvious! Guess I wasted a few hours... oh well.

I'm not familiar with how to use RL fade and have that show up in HyperSpin (or if that's even possible). Anyone know if there's a thread for that? I will search as well, obviously. Thanks again.

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