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Hyperspin disables sound

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Hi All

So simply put...., when I run a rom through "MAME" emulator, the sound works.....When I launch a mame rom through Rocket Launcher, the sound works.

But if I start from Hyperspin, and I select a game "rom", the game is launched with no sound.  Not only that, I have no sound at all on my computer until I close both MAME and Hyperspin.  I can't even run a video on youtube at all until i close hyperspin.

This has nothing to do with the sound mixer as nothing shows as muted when i open it while running hyperspin and mame.  And has nothing to do with muted faders (since it seems to work fine when launched from rocketlauncher).

Note:  I had the same issue when running the Nestopia emulator for NES.  But once I switched to Retroarch, the problem just went away.

Any  idea what could be the problem here?  




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    • By borntohula
      Hey guys, I've posted this in the VPforums, but hoping that I may get some help from you guys as well.  I've got (2) issues: 
      1)  I've been working with VP with plans to launch in HyperSpin FE.  Right now, my issue occurs whether I launch directly from the VP.exe or in HyperSpin.  Upon loading, the graphics, visuals, etc. are all loading just fine.  I can play the games, but I am not getting most sound through my speakers.  I am hearing some sounds; mp3 files associated with certain games, etc but not the vast majority.  The issue appears to be that when the table is loaded, Visual Pinball automatically opens up its own channel in my windows sound mixer (Windows 10).  That's not a problem, but by default, it is loading it as a muted channel.  I have to right click to open up the sound mixer, unmute, and then I an adjust the sound freely and hear everything, which I don't want to do every time I load a table.  Am I missing something basic?  Or is there a script that I have to edit so that the sound is not muted by default?  
      2)  I can open a game in HyperSpin (with the exception of the sound issue) just fine. However, when I try to close by my normal key (Esc), the table does not close.  I have already selected the "Disable Esc"  option in Visual Pinball, but still can't close it with Esc in HyperSpin.  I have to hit "Q" twice to close instead.  I'm thinking I'm missing something very simple here, but can't figure it out.  
      Let me know if there is any additional info needed.  I've been combing the forums and tutorials but can't find anything on this so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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      Hey Fellas,
      How can I fix the "spotty" sound in my MAME roms?
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