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Does HyperSync work on old Hyperspin 1.2 with HyperLaunch?


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I've got an old setup of hyperspin I put together in 2010. Back when you had to manually download all the emumovies flv files!! It's mostly complete with box art and logo art, I'd say 80% overall at 100% of what I actually play. 

Is this fun tool made to work on a 1.2 version of Hyperspin?

beem debating whether to start a fresh hard drive with the 1.3 or 1.4 Hyperspin and give rocket launcher a try. But it took months to get it the way I want and I figure I'm in for a week or two tweaking if I setup everything again (given experience and having 80% of the artwork I need, would keep original 1.2 on a separate drive.)

any thoughts? Don't have an emu movies sub anymore but I am platinum here. 

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