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MAME IPAC4 Help Needed PLease

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Hi All,

Newbie here with some issues: I just finished wiring up my 4 player control panel using an IPAC4.  

Player 1 = 7 buttons

Player 2 = 7 buttons

Player 3 = 4 buttons

Player 4 = 4 buttons

three extra buttons ESC, TAB, ENTER

1 trackball and 2 associated buttons (Left & Right mouse buttons).  

I have installed/setup hyperspin and rocket launcher.  I have only added 3 emulators (MAME, NEOGEO & DAPHNIE). After watching multiple simply austin vids I believe i have installed all programs correctly, and since i am able to play all roms without any kinks.  However, i have just encountered something that really took the wind from my sails.  My friend and I were playing SF2; i got my butt kicked the first round.  I realized that my P2 buttons 3-6 were not working.  I escaped out of hyperspin and checked my IPAC4 keyboard checker and they checked out.  So, i go into my MAME emulator located in my hyperspin folder and boot up MAME (Not through Hyperspin) and checked the Global controls, i found buttons 3-7 were not mapped under player 2.  Therefore, i mapped these buttons through the use of my control panel.  Now, thinking i have corrected the problem, boot up hyperspin, go into MAME and re-start SF2.  The controls work after the mapping, however a new problem arises.  During battle my buttons suddenly are remapped:

P2 Button 3 becomes ESC

P2 Button 2 becomes P1 down

P2 Button 4 becomes P1 up

So, i shut down hyperspin and restart hyperspin and again go into SF2.  Same button re-mapping result, however for a new kicker, after i exit out of hyperspin the MAME emulator is still running in a window not tied to hyperspin!!  I have no clue what is going on.

I really appreciate if someone can shed some light onto what is going on with my setup.  I know there are multiple issues here so any help would be greatly appreciated.  I really am excited about this arcade panel and this is really a set back for me.

Thanks in advance

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when ever you boot MAME, it will try to search for a controller and REMAP the keys based on your controller

this is why your keys are being remapped.

To avoid this; after you remap your buttons to what you want.  Go to your MAME controller folder


and set your new generated controller CFG file to read only.  this will prevent MAME from changing any keys.


and you might also want to check your Escape sequence in Rocketlauncher,  since you are using keyboard keys.

Some combinations of keys will exit you out of your game.

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