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HyperSpin Social Media Fan Art

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If anyone ever has any HyperSpin fan art they'd like us to put on display anywhere feel free to PM me or post it here! We can even use it to keep the YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit banners looking fresh and will update it with anything the community posts as long as it's tasteful! Here's what we're using right now:



Would love to swap in peoples' unique creations to show off the community right at our front door. Cheers!

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    • By thatman84
      Hi All,
      After my unexpected upgrade to Section Admin I just wanted to let everyone know I will be focusing my efforts more on the download section.
      It will be a long standing project due to the nature of the beast. I am a little stretched for spare time so please dont expect anything to drastic!!
      I am also less accomplished than most of this community when it comes to artwork quality.
      The Plan
      1. Migrate solid community approved artwork over to the Official section
                  I cannot see a way to do this currently. All work is now focused on the Submit section only
      2. Create new categories where needed
      (Starting to think less categories is better PEOPLE JUST CANT CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE ANYWAY. SOrry for shouting)
      3. Request users return to posting their content in announcment threads before uploading to the download section.  (Never gonna take off lol, I live in hope!!)
      4. Find some active Media Approvers (Update Aug 2018 - none found yet)
      How Can You Help
      Please post here content, from the Upload Here section, you feel is of high enough quality to be classed "official"
      To be continued.....
    • By Avar
      I made a few changes to the forums recently you probably noticed. First, some light reorganization:
      HyperNews was renamed to "Believe the Hype!" and within it Announcements was renamed to "HyperNews" HyperMedia was brought to the top of the page just under Believe the Hype! to increase artist exposure and project awareness HyperMedia was renamed "HyperStudio" "HyperSpin Cabinets and Projects" was moved to HyperStudio and renamed to "Cabinets and Project" The "HyperSpin" sub-forum was renamed to "HyperSupport" HyperPin -> HyperPin was renamed HyperPin -> Content and Support HyperScore Challenge was moved to HyperNews to increase awareness and exposure HyperScore Challenge was renamed to "HyperScore Tournament Central" The following ranks were changed to reflect their use as titles and to apply the same singular standard to all rank names:
      Administrators -> Administrator Media Approvers -> Content Authority Media Creators -> Content Creator Members -> Member The following rank was created and assigned with the same privileges and access level as Content Creator:
      Tournament Coordinator: Lucky1 The following badges were added to the system:
      Content Creator:
      Tournament Coordinator:
      Please let me know if any of the changes ruffle your feathers or if you don't care for the new Content Creator badge! Cheers!
    • By Avar
      Every day as time/content permits, I'm going to try to make a post on the HyperSpin facebook to try to publicly highlight and give credit for some of the great work that goes on in the HyperSpin community. I put some recent examples at the bottom of this post.
      I'm hoping that fellow HyperSpinners can help me pin down awesome projects by nominating developments here or via PM. Also, if anyone would like their work to be in the spotlight let me know! I don't want to focus on any one specific aspect of HyperSpin either so if people are working their butts off on anything at all, whether it be a database, artwork, a personal cabinet project, a third-party tool, anything at all, let me know
      If I ever miss updates to your project, please don't feel slighted! I try to keep track of everything cool I see on the forums but my days are hectic and I sometimes lose track For example I saw a really clean looking Epoch update a few weeks ago from someone but haven't been able to find it again
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