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Future Pinball XML

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99.99999% of the time cruising threw these forums has fixed my issue so I apologize for posting, but I cant find the info i need. 

I am having a hell of a time getting Future pinball XML to work right so it jives with HyperSync even remotely. I have done the fixes for the "" and done some other tweaks to no avail. I am not 100% confident on my abilities I will admit, but this is certainly not my first go around with xmls with hyperspin. Basically i have gotten myself stumped to what i have done, or which miss step i have taken. 

So my question is, does some one have a working xml for future pinball that they wouldn't mind sharing?

Thanks for your time!


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Is the media actually there? I just hit F in my audit so you might have a better time with the HyperBase Live Beta, as I'll be passing Future Pinball very soon and adding it to the new repository. And don't sweat asking for help :D 

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the official Hyperspn XML with the """ problem is as old as time,  you should not be using it.

You don't always find the most up to date XML in Hyperlist or Hypersync.  try looking for them in the database section of the forum



their are multiple user submitted XMLs in the download section.

and they both have a full set of wheels for them.

Their is no official media for this system, since the XML is far from complete (the official one)

if you look closely cough PD cough,  you might find a hyperspin ready Future pinball set, that includes an XML and a wheel set can be found in the download section.


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    • By 32assassin
      This is a pack of wheels for future pInball
      an XML for Hyperspin and PInball Cab was included.
      I collected allot of wheels from various sources, and replaced any low quality wheels.Most of the replacements are redraws.
      Any generic logo that did not match the backglass was also replaced.
      Big thank you to JSinn for his contributions.
      Only 4 Missing wheels
      Alaska (Recreativos Franco 1978)
      Mad Race (Playmatic 1985)
      Pokerino (Williams 1978)
      Struggle Buggies (Williams)(1953)
      Sure Shot (Taito do Brasil 1981)
      Link to Updated XML
    • By ticmike
      So ive set Future Pinball up and have all the roms (tables) set it all up in RL (poiniting to the correct folders) but it wouldnt find any roms in the audit, then I realised the names were not matching to the RL table names, so I renamed a couple identically (as I cut and pasted the correct names from RL) then tried an audit to see if it brought up the 2 tables i'd just renamed and it didnt.
      Im all out of ideas if anyone has any that can help, please please let me know.
      Ive added some pics of my file paths etc..

    • By pacooka
      Can someone please share the database xml for - Future Pinball Original Tables ? Flipperless xml would be nice too,
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