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Hyperspin Main Menu Wheels (Consoles pics)

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Hello hyperspiners.

First, thank u for all the great job there...epic stuff u ve done !

This is Main Menu Wheels - Consoles and Computers made by me (in my youtube channel I an Play it with venga !... lol )


This was done long time ago by me, but I wish to share with that great comunity !


Link to download the wheels : https://mega.nz/#F!i5klyB7J!lZdNJsfmHq-s3JVgSQJG-A

Hope u enjoy !


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Nice concept! Really like the wheel being the system instead of the logo/name.

You can upload all your stuff in the Upload section in this site, so it is available when the new version arrives (and the mega link you posted does not get lost).

Thanks for sharing! :)

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