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Hyperbase access

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5 hours ago, ezukax said:

Antivirus has nothing to do here... Despite the delay i am still hopeful to see final release soon.

Please do not let your disappointment deter you from being an active HyperSpin user.  HyperSpin 2.0 has been "releasing soon" for 10 years now.  Hyperbase was cool to see implemented but should not be used for getting your hopes up.  Make the best of what you have now and hopefully IF they ever release 2.0 they keep everything pretty similar so that we can just migrate our setups to the new software.  Do not let waiting on 2.0 keep you from using HyperSpin as is.

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      I have just purchased the HyperSpin platinum account and the EmuMovie account.
      I can log in both in the HyperSync. However, when I click "individual system settings" icon, it fails and shows the message below:
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      What should I do now?
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