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Help with Graphiccard HDMI/Analog Output

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Hi everyone! I am using a SEGA Naomi Cabinet with a PC and Hyperspin).

I am using the original CRT Screen of the Naomi (640x480). It is plugged to my Graphiccard with the Analog Cable. Works finde.

My Graphiccard also has 2 HDMI Outputs. I wanted to use one of them to plug in a ELGATO HD 60 S to stream live from my Arcade Cabinet.

The Problem is, as soon as I plugin the HDMI Cable, the resolution jumps to 1920x1080 and I cant change it. I also cant use the CRT as a second desktop.

Anyone an idea how to use the CRT as "normal" Screen and just double the signal to the HDMI Output?


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well i dont know much about but capture cards, but i do know that u cant connect  both analog and digital output at the same time, so maybe thats the problem, 2 digital outputs works fine. so maybe thats the problem.

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