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HyperSync not working after Wndows 10 update

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Hi I have and Hyperspin install on mounted network drive. HyperSync was working fine until I installed Windows 10 April 2108 update. I tried it on two PCs. It stops working after windows update. Any ideas?

HyperSpin shows no internet connection available which is not the case

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The first idea is that you are mad for using windows 10, especially on a cabinet. I would rollback to windows 7.

Second off, I think that hypersync has only just been updated to work with windows 10, so there will be bugs at some point. especially if microgreed produce bad updates, which they have done since the launch of 10.

I used to be a beta tester and it was fine and dandy, until they came to the public release, and then everything slowed down. I de installed and a year or so later, I reinstalled 10 to see if it was any better, and in the end I got rid of again.

If you are using a dedicated arcade system, just stick to windows 7, it really is a waste of time using 10 if it is just for retro gaminhg.



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I had this same issue, to resolve it I updated my HyperSpin to the latest version.

Windows 10 update did something to HyperSpin.

For me it had something to do with the updates to Windows Defender it got it's greasy claws into HyperSpin.

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Tried updating but still no luck. If I move hypersync program from mounted network drive to local disk it connects to internet without problems.

windows update did something to stop it working on network drive

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Currently testing w10 ltsb 1609... The fact is it is faster than seven. Dolphin flies with dx12 plugin and startup is blazing fast even on a 7200rpm HD.

The only problem is updates: w10 is basically a time bomb where you turn off your computer and at the next start half of your software dont' work no more due to function update. Basically there are 2 choice: use a LTSB edition (it receives only critical security updates, no function updates) or use a firewall  to block updates.

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