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What don't I get with HyperSync?

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I'm interested in getting everything I can for HyperSpin. If I purchase the Platinum membership, and use HyperSync, what would I be missing? Would any folder still not have files in it? What else might I need to download or do?


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Its a very good question to be fair, I am yet to jump on and see how it all works myself as I mostly scrapped together and created my own setup.

Still very interested to see what can be synced through it and the completion status of systems if available.

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To make hypersync worth while you need an emumovies subscription also so bear that in mind.

For cheapest get Hyperslin sub 1st then theres a 25% discount at emumovies.

Sync is good and it renames/matches to your database within reason iirc. But theres still plenty of gaps in media and its not updated that much anymore with focus on the new apps in dev (no time frame on those being released)

Your in a tough spot right now. If money is no biggie get both. If money is tight just get an emumovies subscription

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