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FPLaunch MOD: Pause and Loading screens...


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Actually, its a failure to exit.

I hope I didn't miss this solution somewhere in all these pages

Hey Lynny, I think you're looking for post number 783 in this thread (I tried to link to it but I'm too new a user, sorry).

You'll need to edit the FPLaunch.ahk and comment out all references to WinHide, ahk_class VPinball. Then you need to recompile the FPLaunch.ahk file into FPLaunch.exe. You do this using AutoHotKey (Basic Version).

I'm sure Blur will get this into the next official update of his script.

Hope that helps!

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Guys, I'm having this problem on my cab with the default Future Pinball pause screen, url below... any ideas how to fix? This thread is huge, trying to wrap my head around it... are you guys talking about enhancements to the pause screen? That'd be cool too. I'd actually be fine with just fixing the default one at the moment though.


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you set the video mode to wide screen in fp settings?

FP doesn't know for 16:9 monitors, it is made only for 16:10 - that's why scores are not aligned well

Yes I have widescreen checked. I'm not sure what your second sentence means exactly, I am using a 32in TV vertical at 1080p. "Paused" is centered and all the rest seems fine, just the scores are in a weird spot. Hmmm.

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God news: I found a solution to Hiscore text in visual pinball like in future pinball. :thrasher:

Now the full history:

I wanted to have an additional option in the fplaunch menu to adjust my pinball volume level so I started to play with autohotkey and at the same time I started to make a prototype of the fplaunch menu completely draw as GDI+ shapes.

In the middle of all that I finally found a solution to have the Hiscore written above the playfield with transparency using the same structure of the code that I posted a few posts before.

When we draw the bitmap on the screen using Gdip_DrawImage we can add a matrix transformation of the colors on the bitmap. Making the calculus I was finally able to find a color matrix transformation that maintain all colors unchanged, except for the alpha level of one specific color, the full write.

Using that I was finally able to written the bitmap of the Hiscore contents in the screen with real transparency. The only limitation is that the Hiscore text cannot have pure write text (RGB ffffff), but we can use a very near approximation (feffff).

The code for doing it, additionally with the code for adding a new option for volume control in the pause screen and the code for a fully customizable shape written pause menu are in post bellow.

:dong: I just realized that I did not had the minimum five posts count to add a link to the forum.

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This code was made with AutoHotkey_L, however this do not mean that will not work with the basic version, but it was not tested yet, so if you want to see it working properly, install AHK_L in the computer.

I had a lot of free time in the last three days, so you will see a lot of code here.

The code includes:

1.Fplaunch pause menu prototype: All shapes are dawn with GDI plus and are fully customizable in colors, sizes, menu contents,...

2.HiScore presentation with full transparency and scrolling text above the playfield

3.Sound Control Menu to adjusted windows master sound (in theory it is compatible with all windows versions, however I only tested in Windows 7)

Pause menu proof of concept, sound control and hiscore

Blur and anybody else reponsible for the fplaunch, if you need any help, and if I have time to do it, I am at your disposal.

Edited by bleasby
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I just updated to wip8 all my loading screens are now running the wrong way (vertical and taking up the entire screen almost), and the exit 3,2,1 is squished but the right position. can't seem to find a ini to specify the way it was. Never mind figured out =P Need to be int he /Hyperpin/Media/Hyperpin/Images folder.

Edited by deadsoulz
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Idea Suggestion----

Say you are on the Hyperpin menu and you have a table you know you named right. Is it possible to set a button on a keyboard to UnHide Mouse Cursor then simultaneously open the Visual Basic XML in Notepad to make a fix if it seen.

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fplaunch is started only when you launch the game

so if you are in hyperpin - there is no fplaunch running and no customizing

but it is a good thinking, cause everything you do in a script, no matter how complicated it is will save you time later when you use it and don't have to do all the steps manually - cause script does them

for example - to make screenshot of playfield is major pain in the ass - press printscreen in game, cut pf in gimp, rotate it, save it as png with name = description,... - in ahk - just one press on o key

Edited by blur
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Was wondering why the directive #winactivateforce has not been used in these scripts?

I have done a lot of window manipulation in autohotkey over the years and placing this at the top of the script really helps with the winactivate commands. For windows that sometimes would activate, or never seem to activate - they work when this is used.

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I'll mount my cabinet soon and I'm wondering how many buttons are necessary to run hyperspin with the latest hplaunch, and vp

Especially that now that the flyers and instructions card... are available from the "pause" menu.

I'l have a coin door with menu services, I need a start button, exit button, launch ball, i won't use a plunger.

Do I miss anything?

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smallest possible setup is 8 buttons.

two on each side - one for flipper, one for nudge - that's four

and another four on front - esc, 5, 1 and enter (for exit, credit, start and plunger)

with this you can do all, but you miss:

front nudge

buy in

magna saves

if you want them you can add them somewhere, or use some device like mercury switches for nudge - then you can use two side keys for magnasave or remove them and have only one button on sides

also sometimes you need end and 7890 for service and that's all

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Ok, I didn't know that some people used buttons for nudge :)

I forgot to tell I have 3 mercury switches, so I'm covered with.

I'll use the magna saves on the second flipper so it's OK.

And I will have a Williams coin door, so I'm covered with the buy in and menu services.


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I have installed the Last version - 1.295 WIP 8:

I wanted to use Darkfalls LEDwiz set and clear files. Do I just install those where he says since this is supposed to include support for his files? I don't need to modify anything in the files included with Last version - 1.295 WIP 8: to make them work correct?

Thanks for all the hard work.

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you just have to set ledwiz to true in settings.ini

Thanks saw it after posting...

My real problem is now when I exit a table it still leaves VP running once I exit out of hyperpin and everything... What can I do to resolve this. I think I changed all the keys I needed to from esc to end...

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