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FPLaunch MOD: Pause and Loading screens...


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using a keyboard right now. Still tweaking and testing my setup while waiting on parts to arrive...

I have

Under Keyboard

exit = 69 (should be e)

under FPLaunch


I set VP up to use e as the exit key also.

What am I doing wrong, im sure its me LOL

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Here is the modification to make it work:


Hotkey, %exitScriptKey%, Off

GoSub rosveClose

;Visual Pinball must be closed this way instead of killing process

;or it wil not save your last game information.i.e score/credtis

;DetectHiddenWindows, on ;Or next line will not work

Loop, 4

Gui, %A_Index%: Destroy

;This line fixes where the VP Window flashes real quick

;when closing the window for a cleaner exit

;WinHide, ahk_class VPinball

WinMinimize, ahk_class VPinball

WinClose, ahk_class VPinball

GoSub bigbossClose

GoSub, ExitScript

I have another trouble, when I launch a table outside of HP, with FPLaunch.exe, and I quit, the Windows bar doesn't come back, I have to go to HP and close it.

Finding this post solved my issues!

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there is a bug, winhide on some places makes problems

there is a patch few pages before - you have to comment winhide or uncomment detect hidden windows on and recompile with basic ahk version

Edited by blur
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It looks it is finally resolved :)

I tried to comment out detect hidden windows on but no change.

I commented out winhide everywhere on the script and it's ok.

Now it may be I have commented too much winhide

Thanks Blur ;)

just find error here - as i said:

you have to UNCOMMENT "detect hidden windows on" or comment winhide or both

that means you have to REMOVE comment from detect hidden windows on - not comment out that line as you did

but any way - since i think both works you can do it in any of those three ways

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WOW :) Just popped in to see what's happening, haven't had a look in months, been very busy with new job and still living in earthquake central (yes, we are still having quakes!) So glad to see that Blur has had the time (and patience :P) to keep support and progress active.

This is truly YOUR project now Blur :) Very impressed with your progress, and the fact you managed to stick with AHK standard ;) Keep up the great work


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I apologize ahead of time if these questions have been addressed before.

1) Is there a way to hide tables within hyperpin via fplaunch?

I have two younger kids that play on my pinball cabinet all the time, and up until now I haven't had any issues with them playing on any of the tables on there, but with the soon to be released Big Bang Bar and the Scarface tables, I think they may be a little too much for them. I know I could simply just launch the tables from the VP editor when I wanted to play them, but it would be really cool if I could simply hide them, and reveal them somehow within Hyperpin.

2) Is there a way to execute a custom script from within Hyperpin?

I have two different ledcontrol.ini files that I'm currently using, and it would be great if there was some way to toggle between the two within Hyperpin. I currently just run a batch script that's located on the desktop, but that involves exiting Hyperpin, executing the script, then restarting Hyperpin. "Oh the horror!!!" I know.

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question 1. doesn't have anyting with fplaunch but you can put some tables to favorites, and set start genre to favorites

for 2. you can call anything from fplaunch.ahk - you just have to recompile it (with basic version for now)

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Hey blur. I finally installed the lastest wip and it is absolutely brilliant - no problems at all! It feels really slick and smooth. The instruction stuff is great.

The printscreen is really excellent as well (and the images are rotated for you :) - nice one). I have some small suggestions which you might have already planned:

(1) I had a lot of backglass images missing for b2s tables, so I just changed the condition in the printscreen sub-routine to this:

StringRight, ending, tableName, 3

if (systemName = "Future Pinball") || (systemName = "Visual Pinball" && ending = "B2S" ) {

so it also grabs the backglass image for VP b2s tables.

(2) I am fed up with having to open my coin door to reach for the speaker volume between tables (especially when the kids are trying to sleep) so I added some code to my copy of your latest fpLaunch to allow the windows master volume to be controlled from two buttons which can be defined in the settings. It works for both VP and FP.

I will PM you it in case you want to add it.

(3) Something I haven't added but keep thinking would be useful is to have several favourite lists. I was thinking of maybe any number of lists such as:

a. EMs.txt

b. 70s_solid_states.txt

c. music_themed.txt

d. horror.txt

e. etc

The user would just maintain them manually (I currently do this now and just copy the one I want to favourites.txt).

From fpLaunch have a button to toggle through the lists. The selected list would just overwrite the current favourites.txt. Then when the user exits out of the table (and this might be the tricky bit), force HP to refresh favourites by forcing keystrokes (maybe??)

I won't have time to play with this as a really busy got a busy time ahead for a couple of months but maybe someone else might want to have a stab at it. There might be a another cleaner way maybe.

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yup, several people wanted b2s screenshots (me included)

i was thinking more about adding another key for backglass so that you can do whichever you want, bg or pf, pf would be o (close to p and p is taken) as before and bg u (close to o, i is taken)

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it is ahk, same as fplaunch :)

i will upload it tonight

by the way i've changed laptop from old lenovo t61 with xp to lenovo t420 with win7.

i tried it a bit - win7 is a total PITA

laptop is fast eventhough it has only some intel graphics

vp works fast but has some glitches - like ball is over flippers, somebody reported that already

with soft renderding ball over flipper is ok, but details are lower

fp also works

fplaunch also works but has a lot of white screens on load of games, then black screens, then screen turns off, focus problems on exit, ...

any way - lot's of work to make it all run smooth, but probably fplaunch will work better on win7 when i fix it all

Edited by blur
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with the new WIP8 do I need to add the lines

[startup Program]

Executable = C:\HyperPin\LEDSet.bat

Parameters =

Working_Directory =

WinState = HIDDEN

[Exit Program]

Executable = C:\HyperPin\LEDClear.bat

Parameters =

Working_Directory =

WinState = HIDDEN

for the LED clear and set for hyperpin still? Or is setting LEDWIZ = True all I need to do? The ledwiz outputs dont seem to clear if I just set it to true.

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I don't know, i think start and stop are not for start and stop of hyperpin but for start and stop of tables - so i guess no.

and setting is not LEDWIZ = True but ledwiz = true, you shouldn't change case of options

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