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How do I remove retro shaders from mame?

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I'm pretty new to hyperspin Im building a full size arcade cab and I purchased a pc that has hyperspin 16tb (internal 8tb & ext 8tb) dell optiplex.has over 70k games on it. All the games that run using mame have this God awful shader on them that gives the games a retro look. (big pixels) it ruins the games they look terrible and I have been trying for weeks to figure out how to remove the shaders so the games will look like they originally did in the arcades. (I have some knowledge of how the hyperspin stuff works and file systems and all but im pretty new to this. Can someone please please please tell me how to remove the shader. Thanks for any help or insight you may have! 

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It is looking pretty cool, bro.

Not sure if you have figured it out already, but the shader look on MAME you are talking about, it is an .ini file that you edit.

I got this from a spanish forum where they share that .ini file to give a retro look to MAME, which I like how it looks.

But based on the picture you show there, my impression is that the shader they configured didn't end up being that nice.

Let me know, maybe I can find that file for you so you can try.

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