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Nested Hyperspin Wheels for "All" Systems

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Is this still the best way to setup nested wheels in Hyperspin or is there an improved method?

The more I use Hyperspin, the more I realize having narrowed down lists of games is the way to go instead of having 1000's of games to go through. However, I may have a buddy who wants to play a specific game. So what I am trying to do is move all of my wheels to an "All" wheel and then just have only a few main emulator wheels at the top that each have say my top 20 favorite games for each system. This way I can easily find my favorite games by system but also go to find a specific game if needed. Get the best of both worlds. 


All > Contains huge collection of systems and each system then has a huge collection of games (similar to default Hyperspin setup) 






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If you want a quick method to find a specific game try this add-on


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Check out some of Planet Geekdoms videos on youtube.

You may be able to do something with the favourites/genre lists. Surely a standard setup with a Favourites list for each system would be the least time consuming to do. Just an extra button step to get at those fav games

Or go full on with the nested wheel setup and hypersearch 3rd party apps.

Just to confirm you want a Main Menu structured like this:-

All Systems-> Snes, NES,MAME....etc -> All games for the system

Snes Favourites -> Top 20 games

Nes Favourites -> Top 20 games

MAME Favourites -> Top 20 games

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While its great to have a list and bragging rights to have a million games in your HyperSpin build your need & buddies request makes sense to play some of the TOP 20 or favorite games of those systems. I am creating a Nested Wheel with Top 20 Game Favorites. It just comes down to taking the time to do it or you can do the HyperSearch or Favorites options.

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