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Mame Wheel Game Count

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I have the current Mame files (xml and media). If I run an audit in Rocket it's about 9,700 roms. If I look in at the media for themes it's about 6,000. When I run Hyperspin and select "Mame" and browse through the list. It doesn't look anything like thousands of games. How do I get a true count of the games I can play?





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The full MAME ROMset is the 9K you see, however a TON of those are either gambling, mahjong, mature, or clones (variants) thereof.

Assuming you're only interested in arcade video games, I like to think there's probably around 900 unique titles of which maybe 400 - 500 are worth playing.

I'd suggest using a filtered XML to show only arcade video games, and then (assuming you have time) start playing through some of the titles you don't recognize to see if you'd like to keep them in the list. Don's HyperSpin Tools is an application you may use to create a custom, curated XML that includes only what you want. Or you could do it by hand, but that's more work.

Check my signature for an example of a best-of list... but read the description for mine, it's got some caveats around what's excluded.

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