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Neo Geo AES

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This is not emulator related but game related and it has be a bit stumped.

I was using RA with the fbalpha2012 core for Neo Geo AES but never got around to playing anything. Tonight I was going to play Puzzle Bobble but noticed that there is a pbobble, pbobble2, pbobblen, and pbobble2n. What are the differences between these? I noticed that one (I can't remember which) was in Japanese and the other wasn't. Are they simply the same but 2 are in English?

Also, I want to force AES. I read to set the bios option in RA> Options to force UniBios and when I sent America/Console it doesn't save it for all games. Am I better off to just set it to AES and be done with it?

Thank you.

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Not 100% on all the games but usually just different dumps from different regions or versions. I use mame UI and look under the Info tab to see the write up.

For Unibios iirc you have to change the mode/region per game in the unibios menu. Theres a button combo on startup A+B+C maybe.

I have mine setup with mame to boot straight into AES mode with and aes.ini and have MVS setup with fba using unibios

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