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How to select 4 Player Version of Rom To Play Auto?

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I forget how to tell hyperspin to select the 4 player version of a rom vs 2 player.  Example - i want the rom TMNT, not the TMNT2po version when selecting the game via hyperspin.

I recall updating the database but it didn't work.

Any suggestions?  thanks!

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Updating the database??? For mame, your database must match your rom set!

If you are using an old rom set, updating the database will only break some games.

Also, by default the official database contains a lot of different versions of TMNT. All depends on how your wheel is filtered. For me I use the "parent only" option in HQ. This will only show "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (World 4 Players)". If you are showing TMNT2po somehow, then it was set up purposely to do so... probably cabinet only had 2 player controls. Did you set any of this up? Mame version? split or merged set? 

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thanks - yes I set it up for 2 player only but it was awhile back and now I forgot how I did it, hence my post.  Any idea what to check to ensure it only shows 4 player? I have mine to parent as well however I think I changed the PARENT to 2 player.  

How do I change the parent game b/c right now I'm prob using 2 player as parent.  I thought it was changing the clone of option but that didn't work


EDIT _ I got it to work.  I needed to change wheel settings to parent only check mark as opposed to checking the wheel option

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Wheel option will only show games that have a wheel image (no plain text!).

This is an effective way to filter as well. So in your case, you could have just changed the name of the wheel image from tmnt2po.png to tmnt.png


If you want to keep using the parents only filter, you will notice some other anomalies as well. Like Puckman is the parent game, not Pacman!

So Puckman on your wheel is probably plain text and there may be others??

You can still get around this easily enough editing the database. I suggest "Notepad plus plus" (Notepad++). It's freeware and will make editing xml's a lot easier.

In the case of Pacman, edit this into the Mame.xml:


That will hide it from the wheel.

Then under the version of Pacman you want to use, simply remove "puckman" from in between the <cloneof> tags.

HS will now see that rom as a parent. Don't worry Mame itself still knows what's what  :)


Or just go back to filter by wheel and know that you can edit what shows/launches in HS by what images are actually in /Media/MAME/Images/Wheel/

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