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Black screen after a game.

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Hello everyone, I ask for help on this little problem that is happening to me in these days, obviously before formatting everything went smoothly without problem of this kind, of course if they were, they were small trifles that could be solved.
But this instead is giving me headaches for 4 days, then I start HyperSpin.exe select Emulator the MAME [I think they are also on other types of EMULATORS the problem] I select the Rom (the game), I play a bit, when I leave the Rom, the screen remains black (Obviously the screen is always on and can be seen from the backlight) with the game's Audio background, or the HyperSpin itself. It is as if the HyperLauncher remains in the foreground, but if I use the usual Ctrl + Alt + Del keys, it returns the image of the selections of the Roma, how can we solve the problem of this BLACK BACKGROUND.

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