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Having issues with "Can't Find ROMS" for OpenBOR

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Hi, Im trying to add OpenBOR to my Hyperspin. I added the exe file along with the roms but it keep getting the " Cant find ROMs error. I can use a little help with this issue.


Screenshot (9).png

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It's not OpenBor but very similar but it may help.


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I see you sent me a message asking for help with this system, but I urge newcomers to search stuff that is already covered.

In any case, I have only two OpenBor games in my setup, you can set them as a normal PC game like I did.

I have those setup under my Hacked Games system, but it doesn't matter, click the highlighted icon and choose the exe file for the game you want to run, take the below game as an example:


After clicking the above icon, click the search icon and find your exe:


You're basically telling the PCLauncher module to run this exe file:


Should you encounter problems, make sure you also force OpenBOR or even MUGEN games to run with the PCLauncher module like below:


I remember doing the above because I use really few OpenBor/MUGEN games and they ended up in the Hacked Games system, which works fine for me.

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6 hours ago, Thesai2012 said:

Ok, Im having one last issue and that's with the xml file. it's not reading the contents of each folder now.


Your xml file doesn't have any games, only the header.

You can always add new games or just try it using the sample below:

    <game name="Game Name" index="" image="" enabled="1">
    <description>Game Name</description>
    <rating>ESRB - T (Teen)</rating>
    <year>Release Year</year>
    <genre>Action or Something</genre>


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