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OpenBOR on Hyperspin Android

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Ok hopefully hyperspin android is not dead...lolz....but this video is showing openbor directly launching to games via psp....1st half of the video is from retroarch using ppsspp core and the 2nd half (approx 14:00) is using ppsspp gold apk...both will have issues with newer games hence why some will launch to a black screen...when I enabled the bezels, i used the game Jennifer as my template to do a batch for all the openbor games....what i didnt realize was that Jennifer uses a separate aspect ratio compared to the other games....that's why all the other games are not aligned to the bezels...what u usually do is make a cfg for 1 game, then use that info to make a batch script for all the games within that system....sometimes u cannot set the core itself to one bezel because other systems may use that same core...individual game cfgs are best for those situations...also the nature of the setup for openbor u cannot set it to directory overrides....openbor like scummvm uses the double folder trick for android...


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    • By Thesai2012
      Hi, Im trying to add OpenBOR to my Hyperspin. I added the exe file along with the roms but it keep getting the " Cant find ROMs error. I can use a little help with this issue.

    • By retrokid192
      Hey Guys,
      I'm rather new to Hyperspin but I have been sucessful in adding systems and roms for the most part. I have run into a problem recently in regards to database xml files. So when I'm on the homescreen where the consoles are on the wheel, when I click a certain console it will not load. I click and it goes black for  quick second and returns to the homescreen. Thats in indication that the database is present but it will not load the game list for some reason. I have the database xml in the appropriate folder as well as the roms, media and emulators installed. Still no sucess in loading the Playstation or Dreamcast consoles. 
      On another note there are instances where I'm able to click the colsole and it loads a few games on the list but not all. I have the roms installed in the appropriate folder but hyperspin is only displaying a few on the list. The database xml that is for the console has all the games listed but when I open the colsole in hypersin the list of games is limited to a few. 
      If someone has had a similar issue or could give assistance it would greatly be appreciated. 
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      Golden Axe Myth - Game Theme for OpenBor
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