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DIY CHEAP! LED Controller for LEDblinky ws2812b and Input controller

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So short story: We now have an WS2812B Led controller that works with Ledblinky and will drive upto 85 leds, I have tested 14.  for the cost of an Arduino Leonardo or clone. around  $5 to $10. It took me a few weeks to debug and find out why the code was not working from a hackaday project but i fixed it and updated it. 


I also ran into something like a ipac clone that i have not tried yet: If link ever stops working look for "KADE arcade input controller "



The Kade should work with the same micro controller. I used a clone do a amazon search for ATmega32u4. Also an arduino UNO would be a nice add on tool should you need to ever burn a new bootloader. The uno can be programed with an spi programmer so maybe get a cheap clone of the uno too.


Arduino uno= ATmega328P

Arduino Leonardo or pro micro  or micro =ATMega32u4 

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