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Cocktail table for pre drinks fun :)

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Hi guys,

Currently been furloughed and looking to keep busy and am looking into building a cocktail table arcade machine so when we go back to normal we have a new toy for myself and the lads to play pre party time :)

I have so far built the PC under windows 7 x86 and it works well with an i5 quad core and 4gb ram, mapping the controls and setting up cocktail modes arent an issue, but the main bit I am trying to achieve is a nice front end that is fairly simple.

What Id like if possible is a version of Hyperspin without all the consoles etc, just with a list of the 20 odd games I am looking to run with MAME, so we have a nicely polished arcade box for high score tag teams and VS mode fun when we are together as a group.

Do I need to download a complete hyperspin and cut away the extra bits I dont need, or is there a smaller version I should download where I can load into the few games I wish to see?



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their is no such thing as a complete HS,  not one you can get from any official Hyperspin forum

you can download the official Hyperspin  it has a few systems installed.  you can easily remove or disable what you don't want

their is a  semi configured HS system in the Platinum downloads with more systems installed.

before you decided to get a  Front End  

You need to make sure that you have 

your emulators -->  configured to work with your PC and your controllers.

all the roms needed or you want for that emulator -->  no roms are included in any Official Hyerspin  download

and their are no rom begging threads supported on this forum so no links to roms are allowed.

this is something you need to have before you decide if Hyperspin is for you.

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