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Hyperspin genre database query


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Can anyone advise on how to use filtered genre xml lists in hyperspin? I've downloaded the xml working lists from Romano and the mame.xml and genre.xml work fine. But....How do you integrate the others as they are named genre.xml. I've tried renaming them and adding that heading to the standard genre.xml but that doesn't work. I'm clearly missing something so any help appreciated. 

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Okay I just read your other posts in Romano's thread. So you have all systems in 1 wheel?

You should be able to add any genre you want into "genre.xml" as long as you have an xml with all the games you want in that genre named accordingly as well. Or maybe I am not understanding exactly what you are doing??

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Okay I just read your other posts in Romano's thread. So you have all systems in 1 wheel?
You should be able to add any genre you want into "genre.xml" as long as you have an xml with all the games you want in that genre named accordingly as well. Or maybe I am not understanding exactly what you are doing??
I thought you could have a tree structure....a genre.xml within a different genre.xml but it appears not. Thanks for replying

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  • Similar Content

    • By Rowr14
      I have been chipping away for the last few weeks giving the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive the same treatment as with my SNES genre fix and backgrounds.
      I have edited genre information from @SupraKarma's xml from the Ultimate Sega Genesis Pack.
      Basically if you want to use the Genesis/MD genre function it's worth grabbing this xml. I've included with the zip the xmls already split by genre and also a handful of useful xmls from SupraKarma's pack such as coop, exclusives, multiplayer etc. Everything has custom backgrounds included.
      My approach to this xml was more thorough than when I originally went through the SNES xml which I fixed in order of worst offenders to least genre wise.
      This time I went through from start to finish and judged every title individually based on video, wikipedia entries and other lists and resources. The occasional game I loaded up to play a bit to be sure. My results went back to the SNES xml in cases of multiplatform games and that been tidied up a bit and re-uploaded for consistency, the link is below if you are interested.
      Roughly what has been done:
      This XML was the opposite of the SNES in the case that a huge amount of titles were assigned to 'Platform'. Randomly every 20 titles or so something was assigned to 'Platform' that was just in no way shape or form a platforming game. Many titles were also moved to more appropriate places - usually 'Action'. The 'Shoot em up' category was filled. Previously they were in 'Shooter' 'Educational' was added and the correct games assigned. Many games were assigned to 'Adventure', generally 'Action-RPG' type titles which have less emphasis on stats and strategy. 'Arcade' was added. Titles that were ported from arcade versions, classic arcade compilations or even newer titles that have arcade type gameplay (e.g. fix it felix). Beat em ups that qualified for this however were left in the 'Beatemup' genre (e.g. GoldenAxe) I opted to move the flight sims into it's own category 'Flying' (in staying consistent with the snes xml) as there were enough titles to warrant it's own category.  Numerous other corrections which I've forgotten. The Sports categories for the most part were correct as were Beat em ups, so thanks to whoever put that work in. I did opt to remove some categories from sports such as bowling and skating and move those titles to the general 'Sports' category as they only contained a single title. I also removed the compilation category and assigned those to relevant sections.
      Thanks again to @SupraKarma whose awesome Ultimate packs have inspired this work and also where the xmls, wheels and sports category backgrounds are from. The Ultimate Sega Genesis pack is linked below.
      Below are links to the Backgrounds that accompany this xml (though they are included in this upload for convenience) and to my SNES genre fix.
      Please let me know if i'm missing anything in the upload or anything doesn't seem right. Enjoy!
    • By Rowr14
      UPDATED to 1.1
      I didn't plan to update this but I've updated for better consistency with the upcoming Sega Genesis/Mega Drive genre fix.
      Numerous fixes across the board and better split between Action and Platform genres. This should be final, but if someone wanted to create a wheel for 'run n gun' or wheels to differentiate horizontal and vertical shootemup games I would be happy to further split this down and create backgrounds. Let me know if that interests you.
      I've spent quite a few hours fixing the genres for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The short story is, if you plan to use the genres function for SNES, download this.
      The long story is...
      They were about 40 percent inaccurate, and those were blatant errors not just squabbles.
      I've built off SupraKarma's official xml, as I understand the genres haven't been touched in a long time, I assume over the years as games have been added to the list they have been filed away willy nilly.
      I have only edited Genre info and nothing else.
      A rough list of what has been done:
      The 'Action' genre was extremely bloated and has been cleaned up. It had everything from platformers to shooters to puzzle games. 'Sports' genre was full of titles that needed subcategorising, e.g. 'Sports/Fishing', 'Sports/Baseball' etc. Now 'Sports' only contains what's leftover that doesn't have a subcategory, such as olympics, European sports like cricket and rugby and other oddball titles. Practically now if you go to the baseball category you can see ALL the baseball games. If you would like a an xml containing the entirety of sports games, that is available in SupraKarmas Ultimate SNES pack which will be linked below. A huge amount of titles that should be in the 'Beatemup' genre were all in 'Fighter'. This was a big one for me as it makes the genre function fairly useless.
      Created genres for Arcade and Board Games as those titles didn't fit anywhere else and need their own wheels.
      Moved all titles from 'Miscellaneous' into their correct genres.
      Most 'Miscellaneous' titles ended up in 'Educational' and 'Puzzle', went through both of those genres and switched a bunch of titles where they should be.
      Pretty much went through every genre and checked every title. Every genre needed work, though some less than others.
      I didn't make any hasty decisions and cross checked everything with multiple resources on the Internet (which had a lot of conflicting information itself)
      Now obviously in the case of Genres there is a lot of room for squabbling over where a game might belong, especially given that this era was the starting point for many genres that still weren't established at the time. My viewpoint has been a practical one of 'Where would I go if I wanted to find this specific game' and I've tried to stick to that when making the harder decisions.
      An example is the 'Simulation' genre has games such as Mechwarrior and tank simulators. City builder sims etc can be found in 'strategy'. Putting these two different takes on 'Simulation' in the one wheel would not be practical. Also this wheel could arguably include flight sims, but 'Flying' has it's own category. That said I'm happy enough that at this time the idea of the 'city builder' or 'god game' was literally sim city and populous and not much else making it fairly impractical to apply newer genre interpretations on these older libraries.
      Many games are considered split genre e.g. 'Action/Adventure', 'Strategy/Simulation', 'Puzzle/Platformer'. In these cases I've done my best to put the game in the most appropriate place, though there is definitely some room for interpretation and argument on some titles. If you would like to make a case over a particular title i'll definitely take a hard look.
      Incorporating split genres was considered, but ultimately I feel that more wheels complicates the concept of simplifying browsing through genre. There is little point in having 80 different categories with just a few games in each one. That and it would be a huge undertaking for small returns.
      I've also gone through and made custom genre backgrounds for the SNES which i'll include here because it's easy enough but will post separately to the relevant section. I spent longer than it would appear putting them together and they look great imo. The sports backgrounds are unedited from SupraKarmas Ultimate SNES pack but included here for convenience.
      The extra non genre xmls included in my download (two player, Multiplayer, Exclusives etc) are from @SupraKarma 's Ultimate SNES pack (linked below) which contains an enormous amount of xmls, wheel and background art to sort everything from rating to year to publisher. On a side note, the genre data in these hand made xmls has not been edited so still has the old genre info - though it makes no practical difference to the output.
      If you are chasing a PAL version of the theme in this pack, I've created one to accompany it with renamed PAL carts.
      Sega Genesis/Mega Drive will be next for me, it doesn't appear to be as bad, but needs work nonetheless.
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