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Images Disappearing/Reappearing Intermittently

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While scrolling through my n64 wheel (this is only happening in the n64 section) logos are missing for a few games. Sometimes if I keep scrolling and come back the logos will appear, but will disappear again if I scroll some more. The boxart for these games is behaving the same way. Sometimes logos/boxart are there, and sometimes not.

I tried re-naming everything to see if that would help (ie, Wave Race 64 -> wave race), but I'm still seeing the same behavior.

Does anyone have experience with this issue? Thanks!

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it does sound like a naming issue possibly, not seen it described like that befor.

Try matching the artwork names against the N64 database you have. /Hyperspin/Databases/N64/ whats listed there is the file name. Case sensitive


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I found the problem!!! The names match PRECISELY.  But only a few games were giving me issues and I couldn't figure out why....

Then, while browsing through an artwork folder, I noticed something: The PNG images for the problem games were capitalized .PNG. I went through and changed each one to .png, and the problem is fixed!!!

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