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Control Panel Build Question


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Finally working on a build after messing with arcade and emulation over 20 years  quick question or any feedback appreciated. I'm doing a 4 player pedestal build. How should player's 3 & 4 joysticks be oriented ?? Is the graphic below accurate?? Right or wrong ?? does it matter that much? Does anyone who has done builds have some feedback on this. Thanks in advance. Will post a picture of the prototype from cardboard I cut out of the control panel shape and size I'm going to use. The following picture is a graphic depicting the "right" or "wrong" angles that I've seen floating around arcade forums for many years. Thoughts? Advice ? Gamer's who have done previous builds?? All and any feedback welcome.


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any feedback on this guys and gals whatsoever? Any and all suggestions are welcome ? Personal experience's from gamers that have made control panels before?? does it really matter? I realize everyone is busy on summer vacation and or back to work. The forums aren't as active and lively as the days past. But lots of arcade enthusiast's still hanging out here :) Have a great day everyone. Thanks all.

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Thanks for the feedback Giga. Hope you are well :) I saw a few youtube video's since this post, from people who reviewed their own builds;

One who reviewed their extreme home arcade build (extensively I might add). They actually did gripe about the 45 degree or angled controller

not feeling correct despite the Gauntlet layout ( Which is a legendary game btw; I did play in the Arcade when it was released.

Bought it on NES when it was released as well) One review on the Megacade on youtube, he actually uses Gauntlet as an

example how it feels incorrect on his 4 player Megacade Layout. I think im gonna lay them out somewhat sqaured to the

others and the screen  after seeing some reviews. Still considering so i do appreciate the feedback and discussion.

Any & all suggestion's are still welcomed for discussion here. Thanks all have a great day & have fun gaming. 

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My concern would be the outer players just being in the way of players one and two. But if there's enough space then it would be the best way to go. 

Either way a nice problem to solve, I'd love to build another. 

Good luck with it and keep us posted. 

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Before build a 4 players cab, i would ask myself a few questions:

1.- Will I play 4 players games often? Like 2-3 days/month at least?

2.- Will my Control Panel be comfortable with 4 complete joystics + buttons?

3- Do i know how many 4 player games are there? And how much of that games do i like to play?


I asked myself this questions when building my cab, and i finally ended building a 2 Players cab (*)


(*) I set it up with the possibility of playing 4 Player games with    2 Joystics + 2 Xbox 360 wireless controllers or with 4 Xbox 360 wireless controllers.

I can also play 6 player games with 2 Joystics + 4 Xbox 360 wireless controllers.

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All valid points thanks for the imput. I do have several friends that will come over to play. With work and life schedules, yeah how often will

we all get together and play. Most of those points I have considered too. Open Ice 2 on 2 Hockey, NBA Jam would be a likely game if or when we 

all do get together. I know there is a few other games as well. As giga mentioned Gauntlet and we are huge gauntlet fans. We did all get together 

a few weeks ago at my house; but obviously I don't have the arcade up and running yet. Thanks for the feedback and info. All are very valid points to

consider. So far I've bought the 3/4 MDF. Ordered parts from Ultimarc, Retroactivearcade, & Game Room solutions. I can always do a second build as 

well after. lol. But will preferably do just one. Not in a rush to start or complete the build either.

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A lot of people say to stick to the Konami 4 player control panel spacing, re: The Simpsons.  I think your indents for player 3 and 4 will cause issues as well.   Better to have the front edge be uniform as seen in The Simpsons.  That design is arcade proven and it quite functional.  Either way good luck with your build.  You will have fun with it regardless and that is all that matters.



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