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HyperSpin Attraction setup w/ HyperMarquee


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Morning  my peeps! Not sure where to place this question, but here I go.  I just installed HyperSpin Attraction and am trying to use HyperMarquee and can't get HM to work.  I got all the paths sorted out except for the HS Theme section, primarily the Theme File path since the HS Attraction directory doesn't seem to have any .zip themes.  Also, originally when using HyperMarquee, we have to point LEDBlinky to EDS.  In HS Attraction, there is no LEDBlinky or way I see of doing that, which is why I think it is failing to load any marquees.  


So, does anyone out there in the HS universe have HS Attraction installed and have HyperMarquee running with it?  What are your settings, how did you resolve the LEDBlinky/EDS issue, and if you could post screenshots that would be great.  Just looking to get HyperMarquee working with this "variation" of HyperSpin.  Thanks!

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Here are screenshots of my configuration in both HM and EDS.  The EDS can call to HM and display the marquee when pressing the blue "try" button.  The issue I am having is where to point LEDBlinky (EDS) to or if I even have the correct Parameters or Open/Close Filters.  I did modify the RL settings.ini and enabled LEDBlinky and provided the full path, but that doesn't seem to work.

So in a nutshell, EDS can call HM and display the marquee, but when launching Hyperspin Attraction, HM fails to launch with the config I have.  Any insight?  Thanks.








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