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how can I build xml from dat database?


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I think it's solved.

I downloaded .dat file from no-intro for Nintendo Entertainment System, then I made some changes.

I added this header to the file

clrmamepro (
    name "Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System"
    description "Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System"
    header "No-Intro_NES.xml"
    version XXXXXXXX
    comment "no-intro | www.no-intro.org"


Then with notepad++ I replaced this RegEx string:

^.*<game name=(.*)>\r\n.*<description>(.*)</description>\r\n.*<rom name=(.*) size="(.*)" crc="(.*)" md5="(.*)" sha1="([^"]*)".*/>\r\n.*</game>

by this one:

\r\ngame \(\r\n\tname \1\r\n\tdescription "\2"\r\n\trom \( name \3 size \4 crc \5 md5 \6 sha1 \7 \)\r\n\)

Making look this:


Into this:


I had to delete the first and last tag <datafile> but I think that's pretty obvious.

Now the .dat file can be used by Dons HyperSpin ROM Renamer.exe and probably other programs.

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