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Vitrolight company legit?

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Can someone validate if this company on ebay is legit? I purchased this TV and it stated that it would take several months to recieve, then shortly after i purchased it i received a message stating that the shipment was being delayed in shanghai due to Covid....fair enough...but it does make me uncomfortable having paid for this item already and not receiving it, god knows when. ...just looking for some piece of mind here that i did not get scammed...



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I can not speak of that particular company, but I used to use ebay for quite a bit of hockey card collecting. One thing to be aware of is that there is a time limit to how long you have to open a "dispute" on ebay. I fell for this one time, a user messaged me about a delay 2 or 3 times. What he was really doing was getting me past that date.

How long ago did you place the order? Check the listing and see if still possible to open a dispute. I don't want to freak you out or anything, we all know shipping for anything has been spotty the past 2 years... but I use places like ebay just because of this sort of protection.

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That's exactly what i was concerned about, I think i'm going to contact ebay and confirm what the policy is for this type of situation. It's been pretty close to 2 full months now...I was made aware that i wouldn't receive the item until june...so it's not by any means "time to panic" but i was almost immediately notified that the item is in "lockdown" in shanghai due to covid. Perfectly reasonable explanation. But just like you explained in your situation...the seller could possibly be delaying purposely....not sure if i want to leave it to chance anymore. Thanks for the feedback I'll chase up with Ebay and see what i find. 

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