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Visual Pinball x Module


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Hallo Guys i want to ask if anyone had made a Visual Pinball x module for Launch with Rockrtlauncher i have one that works but some Tables are

not in the frontend and must be take in Front with Alt Tab.

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On 5/31/2022 at 12:37 PM, jcm9800 said:

Hallo Guys i want to ask if anyone had made a Visual Pinball x module for Launch with Rockrtlauncher i have one that works but some Tables are

not in the frontend and must be take in Front with Alt Tab.

Maybe post the module and someone may be able to take a look.

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thats the Module that i have 


MEmu := "Visual Pinball"
MEmuV := "v8.1.1 & v9.12"
MURL := ["http://sourceforge.net/projects/vpinball/"]
MAuthor := ["djvj"]
MVersion := "2.0.1"
MCRC := "86821212"
iCRC := "5089D1EC"
MID := "635038268932497719"
MSystem := ["Visual Pinball"]
; Notes:
; Requires VPinMame v2.4
; If you want to use a picture while the table is loading, place it on the dir with this module and define the width & height and its filename in the variables below.
; You can also set the color of the background
; If you use Esc as your exit_emulator_key, set EscClose to true. The emu closes faster if you don't use Esc, and this value doesn't seem to matter if you use Win7
; VPinMame uses the registry to store configs @ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame
; Each time a new table is ran, it pulls the default configs into a new folder in the registry
; Visual Pinball stores settings in the registry @ HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-440413192-1003725550-97281542-1001\Software\Visual Pinball
settingsFile := modulePath . "\" . moduleName . ".ini"
EscClose := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "EscClose","false",,1) ; This fixes VP from crashing (in WinXP) on exit when using Esc as your exit key.
showDMD := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "ShowDMD","true",,1)
updateDefaultDMD := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "UpdateDefaultDMD","true",,1) ; Set this to true if you want the script to set the default position of the DMD on next run.
dmdX := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "DMDX","45",,1) ; Your new default X position of the DMD
dmdY := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "DMDY","35",,1) ; Your new default Y position of the DMD
dmdWidth := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "DMDWidth","300",,1) ; Your new default DMD Width
dmdHeight := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "DMDHeight","75",,1) ; Your new default DMD Height
validateDMDLaunch := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings|" . romName, "ValidateDMDLaunch", "false",,1)
7z(romPath, romName, romExtension, 7zExtractPath)
; Update default DMD position & size so when new tables are ran, they use the new defaults
If ( updateDefaultDMD  = "true" ) {
    dmdXcur := ReadReg("dmd_pos_x")
    dmdYcur := ReadReg("dmd_pos_y")
    dmdWcur := ReadReg("dmd_width")
    dmdHcur := ReadReg("dmd_height")
    If ( dmdXcur != dmdX or dmdYcur != dmdY or dmdWcur != dmdWidth or dmdHcur != dmdHeight ) {
Run(executable . " /exit /play -""" . romPath . "\" . romName . romExtension . """",emuPath, "Min") ; hide does not work
WinWait("Preparing Table AHK_class #32770")
WinWaitClose("Preparing Table AHK_class #32770",,4)
Sleep, 500
; script to look for Please answer window, selects Yes I am and hits enter to continue loading table
Loop {
    Sleep 50
    IfWinExist, Please ; Nag screen the first time a table is ran
    {    WinActivate, Please
        IfWinActive, Please
        {    SetControlDelay -1
            ControlClick, Button2, Please answer AHK_class #32770 ; Click Yes I am
            ControlSend, Button1, {Enter}, Please answer AHK_class #32770 ; Click the OK button
    } Else ifWinExist, Game Info ; unknown window
    {    WinActivate, Game Info
        IfWinActive, Game Info
        {    Send {Enter}
            Send {Enter}
    } Else ifWinExist, Notice ; sound not 100% acurate
    {    WinActivate, Notice
        IfWinActive, Notice
        {    Send {Enter}
            Send {Enter}
    } Else ifWinExist, VBScript ; all msg boxes from vp script (like vb/vpm version not high enough...)
    {    WinActivate, VBScript
        IfWinActive, VBScript
        Send {Enter}
    } ;Else IfWinExist, Error ; serious errors - like z buffer too small and so on
   ; {
        ; we have some error and we want to see it so we don't send Enter
        ; Send {Enter}
        ; Gui, Destroy
        ; WinActivate, Error
        ; WinWaitActive, Error
        ; WinWaitClose, Error
        ; WinClose, ahk_class VPinball
        ; Process, WaitClose, %executable%
        ; ExitModule()
    ; }
    IfWinExist, Visual Pinball Player,, DMD ;Check if visual pinball is Ready
        IfWinActive, Visual Pinball Player,, DMD ;Check if visual pinball is Ready
Sleep, 500
WinWait("ahk_Class VPPlayer")
Sleep, 500
Loop {
    IfWinActive, ahk_class VPPlayer
    WinActivate, ahk_class VPPlayer
    Sleep, 50
WinWaitActive("ahk_class VPPlayer")
Sleep, 1000
; Give focus to the dmd so it appears on top of the playfield
If showDMD = true
{    DetectHiddenWindows, off ; don't detect dmd if it is hidden
    WinActivate, ahk_class MAME
    If validateDMDLaunch = true
        WinWaitActive("ahk_class MAME",,2)
    ControlClick,, ahk_class MAME ; clicking the dmd to set the WS_EX_TOPMOST parameter (AlwaysOnTop)
    DetectHiddenWindows on
    WinActivate, ahk_class VPPlayer
    WinWaitActive("ahk_class VPPlayer")
ReadReg(var1) {
    RegRead, regValue, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\default, %var1%
    Return %regValue%
WriteReg(var1, var2) {
    RegWrite, REG_DWORD, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\default, %var1%, %var2%
    If escClose = true
    {    DetectHiddenWindows, On ;Or next line will not work
        Sleep, 50
        ;ControlSend, Button1, q, ahk_class #32770
        ControlSend, Button2, r, ahk_class #32770 ; in case q crashes VP, use this
    ; If ( exe = vp8tag ) {
        ; WinClose, ahk_class VPinball
    ; } Else {
        Sleep, 150
        WinHide, ahk_class VPinball ;This line fixes where the VP Window flashes real quick when closing the window for a cleaner exit
        WinMinimize, ahk_class VPinball
        WinClose("ahk_class VPinball")
    ; }

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