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RetroArch MAME Software List Compatibility Guide


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Thanks for the info Floatingyeti. I hadn't updated the mame core yet so I have been able to save it under the version name and change it in the rocketlauncher settings..

I also use different versions of Retroarch in order to "freeze" certain systems in their working state (hopefully).

Have you been able to pinpoint the problem in the retroarch module and/or determine what change caused the problem in the updated mame core ?

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I think the solution (for now) is to set RA Options: Resolution = 1280x720.

I have had resolution set to 1920x1080 since I started using RA(MAME) with absolutely no issue.

I just tested a few systems that were crashing on the new core when launched from RocketLauncher.  They seem stable now, but I need to go through every system again today.

I don't know if this is a module issue.  I think this is specifically a version 0.247 issue. I will figure this out and update the compatibility guide today.

Probably the easiest "fix" is waiting for 0.248 but I will do my best to sort this out now.


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