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HyperSpin Button


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Someone asked this before, but whoever answered them has deleted their answer and I can't get any of the tutorials to load up on the website.

Would someone mind informing me what the HyperSpin button does. This button appears to be configurable through HyperHQ, but I pressing the button seems to do nothing.

What's that function for?



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I too would like to see an answer for this. I have the same "issue". All other controls configured work perfectly fine.

I suspect it is something just doesnt work any more since some sort of update or iteration but would take a guess that it made the wheel spin and stop at a random place? Its the only thing I can think that it does. If thats not what it does or did I'd love to be corrected because I too am curious.

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On 11/12/2022 at 3:02 PM, Mackano said:

Good, that button is to fast scroll, you can do the test by moving the wheel and leaving that button pressed, you will accelerate the wheel a lot, the truth is very good.

Amazing! Thank you!

That makes some sense now. Holding in the HyperSpin button and then scrolling through does indeed increase the scrolling speed some. Interesting functionality, thank you for responding. :)

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