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HyperBase Live Progress


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Hi Everyone,

As a re-introduction for our new members: I am Chris aka fr0stbyt3, the dev behind our new product Hyperbase-Live (HBL). We've had a few questions about the progress of the new app, so I wanted to update the community on our progress. As a refresher, we list out all of the cool things it will do here: www.hyperbase-live.com

There have been some major changes since the alpha that i'm excited to show some of you for the first time. First thing you'll notice is we have updated the UI from the early alpha build seen on www.hyperbase-live.com. Here it is!


As you can see, the main dashboard acts as an overview of all active clients that are attached to your account. "Active Clients" are what we call each computer that has the HBL client app installed. Each client maintains its own preferences, sync lists, and task lists. We also track any issues you may be having and give you an easy way to view and act on them. Eventually, we plan on making this area user customizable.

From the dashboard, we hope over to the Clients page. On this page, you can monitor each individual client as well as add new ones.


Once your client is set up and linked to your account, you start the console setup process. (screenshot coming). Once you have done this, you select a console that you would like to change settings on.


Here you see all of the settings for this Console. All changes are then pushed to your clients upon saving.

At this point, you just sit back and relax. When your client comes online, it will receive the changes and go about processing them. If for some reason your client goes offline, the server will automatically attempt to retry your files.


So the big question. ETA!

I am trying to polish and test as many of the features as possible before going open beta. However, after internal testing, I will make it available to a small testing team. If you're interested, please drop me a line below. I expect testing to start in the coming weeks.

I will be putting updates here, so please stay tuned. There are a few more screens that are completed. I just need to put in some data so you can get the idea of what these screens do.

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fr0stbyte, grand job on the development of this app! Looks very intuitive and clean! Since I put off my HS build due to wheel artwork creation, I think this would be perfect opportunity to beta test the app...therefore sign me up!

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...As a heads up, this is the console selection screen (prior to viewing the details). The data repeats, but this is my test instance. What do you think?

Definitely very easy to navigate.....its nice to have the manufacturer icons (or any icons in general) instead of text to click on....brings out a positive user experience

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