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Wheel sound submission process?

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Looking for some advice here.

I'm setting up a Game Boy wheel and noticed that HyperSync doesn't have any Game Boy wheel sounds available for download, so I've started recording my own. Assuming others would be interested once I'm finished, is there an official submission/verification process? I don't know if my current recording method would meet whatever guidelines may be in place.

At least for now, I've been obtaining them via BGB's wave file writer with non-essential sound channels turned off, then converting individual sound effects to 320KBPS MP3s with Audacity. I'm considering volume balancing them with MP3Gain when I'm done to bring them to roughly 99dB, which is approximately the volume level of the expanded main menu wheel sound pack with 322 sounds.

I've created a folder on the FTP with a couple of samples in case anyone would like to hear some preliminary results.

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There is no official submission process for them AFAIK. Just put them in your ftp folder and announce it here.

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