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Ideas on my project

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Hey All.

First time poster but long time reader :-)

Anyway, A little while ago I decided to build an Arcade machine as a father son project. Seemed like a good idea at the time and a great way to re-live my child hood.

From a simple 2 player table top concept, I have designed and built this baby... Upright 4 player.

I have sourced components from Ultimarc (Andy has been awesome with his assistance) and learnt everything from scratch.

Of course it is running HS front end (AMAZING).

27" LCD Screen

I have included a trackball (Because it looks cool when lit up)

Have 2 x U360 joysticks (to assist with analogue games)

Have 2 x Servosticks with auto 4 and 8 way switching

Running 2 x PACLED 64 controllers.

Running 1 x IPAC 4 controller

I've upgraded everything to USB

Integrated PS3 controllers for Dreamast/GameCube platform via bluetooth

oh.... almost forgot to mention the logitech triple sub sound system.

I'm really struggling to choose the buttons. I have tested the ULTIMARC RGB ULTRALUX chrome and Standard RGB buttons (Ultimarc).

I want all the buttons to be RGB so trying to decide between the chrome or translucent button trims.

They are convex buttons, but the light is consistent and they look amazing.

It prob sounds a little silly and perhaps I have spent too much time thinking about this, but it is consuming my world as I want to get it finished.

As i'm sure we can all appreciate, the learning from the beginning is huge.

I would love some feedback and thoughts....

I plan on wrapping this machine with a MARVEL and DC COMIC mixed theme...

T-Mould slots are ready and will do some LED lighting etc....

I would love to get some feedback if you would like to share.

Be kind, i'm about as nooby as they get.


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looking very nice im sure your son would be proud of your efforts :top:

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Even if this wasn't your first attempt, it would be very impressive. It looks like you've decided on some ideas and executed them very well indeed. It's a great looking cab and the cut outs add nicely to the overall effect. Excellent job!

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Hey @jeremy0203, I don't know the exact font. sorry.

I looked around for the old school ARCADE text (image), and sent as a graphic before I got the timber cut.

I'm not handy with timber, so I designed this cab from images and the supplier cut it all on a CNC machine and came flat packed :-)

I can send as a JPG if you want? Just PM me and happy to share!

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Thanks for all the feedback guys.

I'm still stuck on the buttons... Do I go with the chrome outer or translucent?

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