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I am looking for cab artwork,need help

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I am currently looking for full art work for my cab but i don't know where to start,i live in the uk and want to keep my costs

down as much as possible,i am looking for multicade art but would like to design it myself if possible however i would also

be happy with artworks that have a varied amount of character art,example mario sonic ken ryu,pacman,vic viper ship,daytona

usa car,sega rally car,just many different gaming characters and would like that as side art,then i have no idea for a marquee

maybe something similar but less busy with a main heading title ? and something again similar for a control panel.

The problem i have is a supplier and i have no ideas on the sizes needed for my cab as it's a mini upright i think ?

this is someone else with the same cab


any help and advice would be great thanks guys


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There are other arcade artwork sites, but most artwork there isn't too user friendly to easily get character artwork from. Other than that there's google (images) :)

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Hello Paddy,

Cool looking cabinet. Getting it skinned the way you want will take time. You should start by trying to gather some images and see if you can build the different layouts. It's very time consuming and getting a good quality print is also a challenge. Check out my galleries for some ideas your looking for.

If you find that it's something you rather leave to professionals Lucian045 & I have been building custom artwork sets for members for many years now. If your interested I sure we can get you a decal set package designed, printed and shipped to Scotland.

I'm a graphic designer with 20 years experience in television & print. I offer a 20% discount on design sets and have all the latest software. Lucian045 can ship anywhere in the world and knows how to save you money for you printing needs. We've done it for members all over the globe... Australia, France, Netherlands, Canada and all over the United States.

If you need any pointers just give me a shout. Check out my webpage and you can email me from there.

Best of luck,



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