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HyperSync + EmuMovies = True Love 25% Off


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HyperSync | EmuMovies Official Partnership

Well, I suppose there is no reason to keep a lid on this, in my opinion this is huge news, as it is to most everybody out there whom wants to keep their media up to date. As a gift to our Platinum members Circo has been kind enough to offer 25% off Yearly and Lifetime Memberships, now that is something we are proud of.

What is EmuMovies

EmuMovies offers videos that can be viewed in your gaming frontend, all videos used are high quality FLV files, and there is no shortage of systems available at EmuMovies either. Subscribing to EmuMovies as a lifetime member (or One Year Membership) is one of the most important things you can do to have the richest experience on your machine.

HyperSync Integration

Currently HyperSync uses the HQ FLV video set (if available per system), these files are automatically downloaded (if you have an active EmuMovies account) and are constantly updated to your system during sync without the need for any other external applications.

To Qualify

Coupon Code

In closing, I personally could not be happier about the integration of EmuMovies into HyperSync as it is something that I have wanted to make this application as complete as possible. We will be introducing EmuMovies in our next release of HyperSync; hope you all enjoy!

Remember: This offer will not be available forever, so signup now for Platinum membership then head over and signup for a Lifetime membership (or One Year Membership) at EmuMovies today!

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Thats awesome congrats on making it this far just wondering when the next release is. I so i cant wait im way to excited for this new experience having the movies download on auto at same time.

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coupon code didn't work for upgrade but 7 bucks isnt a big deal

hypersync and emumovies are now friends for life :)

now i can go do that stuff around the house ive been putting off for the last month while you guys deck out my cabinet :)

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how soon to we can aspect the next release thx

While I wish I could give an answer to this I simply cannot. This thread is regarding EmuMovies customers & promotions anyhow. I would not expect anything within the next two weeks. :)

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in response to the question asked if the coupon code works on upgrading from yearly to lifetime! just enter and it works :)

The canadian dollar is on par with the US so this seems like a total steal and deal :)

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I would like to thank the many users whom have requested the coupon code from EmuMovies from me; trust me it is indeed a good investment in your setup. Thanks for your continued support! :)

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