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ABOUT: Hyperspin (for Android)


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z7jPgNL.jpg?1   ABOUT:   Hyperspin  (for Android)


What is it?

An Android version of Hyperspin that works with existing themes and data directly from the Hyperspin community.   It launches both Android games and Android emulators.



Several reasons...    1.  Android hardware is getting faster and faster.     2.   Emulators for Android are getting better and better.    3. We wanted to play with our Hyperspin setups outside the house.     4.  I wanted to replace the old PC in my MAME cabinet with a mobile device so I could justify leaving it on all the time.   5.   It needed the ultimate launcher!!!



Since the Windows version of Hyperspin is dependent on Adobe Flash, it was necessary to build the app from scratch.   With performance in mind, the Android version is highly-threaded and renders with the GPU using OpenGL.



The upcoming release is a pre-ALPHA and is not yet feature-complete.    Please bear with us and let us know when you find problems that are not listed in the "Known-issues list".    


Android devices supported?

Android 4.4+ and NVIDIA OpenGL drivers are required for the current alpha.   Have confirmed it works with the Nexus 9 tablet, MiiPad, ADT-1, and NVIDIA Shield devices (portable, tablet, and Android TV box) are supported initially.    Will add support for other devices later...



Please use the public forum.   Also, this is a separate project/app so don't bother BadBoyBill for support.  He's been helpful and supportive but issues with this app are not his fault or problem!   


When?   When?   When? 

The first version will be released in a few weeks on Google Play.   

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I haven't tested Ouya or Tegra3 BUT all development and testing was done on Tegra4, Tegra K1, and Tegra X1 drivers.

Qualcomm, PVR/Samsung and ARM/Mali/Samsung drivers aren't currently working.    Shoot, I need to test the Nexus 9, it has Tegra K1 and should work.

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