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Update of Systems for HyperSync


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I want to know how I can Update the Systems of HyperSync.


They stay the same since I installed it....


There are a few errors also in this database like Commodore 16 _Plus4


And messages that the database for Future Pinball is not ok and ......


Also the new added Systems from http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ are missing.


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Commodores 16 & Plus4 isn't compatible with sync because of the "&".

Future pinball should be good now.

Add new systems in HyperHQ, open sync, click the arcade machine, find the system on the left side and match it to yours on the right

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I just downloaded the updated Future Pinball database this morning, however both the version from hyperlist and hypersync (appears to be identical) will not parse in Hyperspin and crashes hypersync.


The problem is an extra " after "image=" in <game name="300" index="true" image=""">


After removing the superfluous " the file parses correctly.


There are also instances of "\'" instead of "'" which makes the file names look a bit weird?



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