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  5. Hi, I love your video, I download Sharp x68000 Emulator, currently using this kind of emulator WinX68030 but I don't listen to the music, I try to reset the settings but no use, the music is missing. If someone can help me it would be nice?
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  9. Hy man, thanks for replying, While it may appear so, this is sadly not the case. The Mame2014 core was indeed based on a January (or February) "2015" mame release, but it was based on 0.157 (or 0.159 i don't recall 100%) version, while the existing Mame2015 one is 0.160. There are 2 issues here: 1. The 0.160 mame saw a jump in system requirements compared to 0.15X. And for mobiles this comes as a BIG step backwards. 2. The Mame2014 android core had a built in machine CPU slider (under/over clocking) which is vital for emulating certain games (like for example the Cave cv1000 shmups, but many, many games benefit from either underclocking or overclocking).
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  12. Iirc the mame2014 core has been renamed to mame2015. Its still the same core but they realised the romset its based on was slightly later than described before. The mame2015 core is still available through the online updater
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  15. Hello friend, Do you, by any chance, still have and can re-upload the Mame2014 android core? The link seems to be down and the core is, yet again, nowhere to be found. This was the absolute best core for abdroid devices. Thank you very much man!
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  21. fantastic job on jaguar theme set! I see that its missing just one theme and that is space war 2000. Do you have that one too?

  22. There was a massive upgrade to the site recently so I suspect that may have to do with it. I’d check in with thatman or gigapig or submit a ticket if all the links are busted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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