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  2. It's being looked into currently, roll back to version 1909
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  4. Forgive me in advance if there is a thread already, but has anyone had issues with the "Big May Update" as it pertains to Hyperspin funtionality. I had Hyperspin working just fine on the prior version (1909) but once updated to 2004 build it will not launch. I understand this is a recurring issue after large updates, I have actually fixed this once before. As an FYI: 1.) Verified front end path in RocketLauncherUI 2.) Windows Defender and Firewall Off 3.) UAC off 4.) Exception made for Arcade Drive 5.) Verified Permissions Please help! Spent too many hours trying to figure it out and get it back up and running today! Thanks in Advance! Sig599
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  6. I finally decided to update to Windows 10 and I am experiencing this exact problem. Does anyone have a fix for this?
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  8. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended install stopupdates10 to avoid Windows v1909 updates to v2004. In v2004 HyperSpin, HyperTheme and HyperHQ don't work. It's necesary that HyperSpin be fixed.
  9. Yes I'm aware of ZeroJay's modded apk and guys saying it didn't work correctly with the 64bit version of RA because of the config path. He did say he would look into it BUT that was quite some time ago now. As I stated earlier I have no real interest in the 64 bit version, I've been saying this for a very looong time. The RA devs even admitted they were having trouble finding people to compile the cores for it. I'm sure it will improve and one day we shall all want to use it by default. I did this modification mainly for myself and a friend of mine, he put his STV inside an old skool NES console which looks pretty sweet! I have a lot going on at home, family members with terminal cancer amongst other things. I have ZERO intention of trying to get Hyperspin on Android to work with both RA 32 & 64 bit. I've made this modded apk available for those who want to solely use RetroArch_ra32. I still have my Amiga project on the go to sort the system for both PC and Android, that is more of a priority to me. I do use the Arc Browser frontend on my STV as well as Hyperspin. AB can use both RetroArch 32 & 64 bit versions, it has premade templates for the systems or you can configure it yourself. It's actually a very good frontend which is actively developed. I use Hyperspin for "showing off" to friends, day to day use AB does the job. I can say "Sonic" with voice search and the STV shows the movie I have in my KODI library and all the Sonic games across all systems AB has in it's library. Not that I'm knocking Hyperspin, I use it mainly on PC as that can do far more systems than Android.
  10. Buenas noches. Yo tenía instalada la versión 1909 (November Update 2019). Todo funcionaba sin problemas (HyperTheme e HyperHQ también). Si es cierto que algunas veces no me aparecía la pantalla al arrancar y tenía que iniciar de nuevo, pero era en contadas ocasiones. Hace tres días instalé la nueva v2004 (May Update 2020, la final) y el ejecutable del Hyperspin no arrancaba, en el administrador de tareas aparecía pero se crasheaba y el proceso terminaba. He tenido que volver a la versión 1909 para que me ande sin problemas. He hecho pruebas con una instalación limpia de la v2004 en una máquina virtual y el ejecutable no se crashea, se mantiene en el administrador de tareas consumiendo memoria, pero la pantalla no aparece. Tienen que ser revisados estos ejecutables y actualizarlos para esta versión del Windows 10. Pasa algo parecido a la actualización que hicieron con la 1.5.1 del Hyperspin, para que funcionara en la Windows 10 v1083.
  11. I'm also interested on a version of Hyperspin that can reproduce Retroarch 32 and 64 bit like @mrfomt . In my case I can't load aarch64. Say me that the exe is not correct.
  12. This is great, today I tried the ra32 of retroarch before I found this, I changed in android.Manifest.xml from com.retroarch.ra32 to com.retroarch in the retroarch apk file. It worked. I really want to use both the 32 and 64 version, tried ZeroJay’s version of Hyperspin apk, that is supposed to work with both but I can’t get it to work, The retroarch version named com.retroarch works but when trying aarch64 it loads but it doesnt find the configs correctly.
  13. then you can only install from clean or create a new partition and install another copy of windows or wait for a fix
  14. no puedo volver ya que no me deja por que dice que he pasado de 10 dias
  15. if you have done clean installation from scratch you cannot, otherwise search for cortana restore pc
  16. y como puedo volver ala version 1903???????
  17. hard to say, they are working on it, for the moment I have returned to 1903
  18. you have to wait for a new version of Hyperspin
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Hi folks I have created a beautiful theme for Capcom Play System I Animated, the package contains the Main Menu, complete with videos +Wheel, have fun! 👍👍👍👍👍 VIDEO YOUTUBE DEMO ARCADIANO 👉👉SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL TO NOT MISS OTHER THEMES CAUTION PASSWORD ZIP: Arcadiano
  20. Capcom Play System I Animated (ARCADE) (16:9) View File Hi folks I have created a beautiful theme for Capcom Play System III Animated, the package contains the Main Menu, complete with videos +Wheel, have fun! 👍👍👍👍👍 VIDEO YOUTUBE DEMO ARCADIANO 👉👉SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL TO NOT MISS OTHER THEMES Submitter manzarek Submitted 05/30/2020 Category HyperPin File Count 6 Credits Arcadiano  
  21. hola ayer se me actualizo windows 10 ala version 2004 teniendo la 1903 y hyperspin me hiba de lujo pero al actualizarse a la version 2004 no arranca y eso que le vuelto a actializar ala version 1.5.1 a ver si me podeis ayudar gracias
  22. Hello yes, the last verison. Could you be so kind as to give me an estimated time for hypersinc to come back online again?
  23. Hypersync is currently down but it doesn't normally cause that. Do you have the latest version installed?
  24. Cant connect hypersync, the problem is check the internet connection and if I have. Plis Help
  25. umm im not sure what you want to know... But il explain how i use pc games in hyperspin (i do not use rocket launcher) 1st you have to Make a text file and name it "some_name_you_decide.exe" I named mine "pc games.exe" then open hyperhq "wheel settings" (your wheel name) "Emulator" "execution Hyperlauncher" PC Game "Enabled" Executable: "this is the fake exe you just made" Rom path "this is a folder full of shortcuts to the exe you want to run" (do not enter any params) Extentions "LNK" exit hyperhq MY ahk is: Runwait, %rompath%%romname%%romextension% ExitApp ;Required CloseProcess: WinKill, A return Make your xml database file from the contents of the shortcut folder... Any params you wanted to use add them to the shortcut.. You can run anything really like this. and will probably do what you want to do. I use winkill, A as the close process because it works for 90% of pc games... you could use send, !{f4} or something, or run, %rompath%close.bat The last one would run a batfile named "close" in your shortcuts folder.. this bat file could have any simple code you wanted in it like "taskkill" like that you could also do CloseProcess: WinKill, A run, %rompath%close.bat return and the bat file could be.. taskkill /f /im app1.exe taskkill /f /im app2.exe taskkill /f /im app3.exe taskkill /f /im app4.exe If you did it like that. then you would close the active window 1st then it would also close app 1 2 3 and 4. this is usefull if you have background apps that start with the main executable which would be your active window... Like i said im not sure what you were asking but i hope that helps. I think if you understand what i just explained then you should be able to do what you want.
  26. Version 1.0.0


    The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary - kof10th Game Theme (4:3)
  27. We're working on it. I reached out my Microsoft contact as well for comments on changes related to security and this DLL. I'm hoping to hear back from them in the next day or so. If you can delay the update for now, do so. If not, please be patient. We're on it.
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