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    Version 1.0.0


    Media Default de Pinball Fx3 2019-05-01 20-59-03.mp4
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    Version 1.0.0


    Media universal para los juegos de Peleas Árcades e instrucciones para el SpecialA de como configurar. 2019-05-12 11-56-15.mp4 Instrucciones HyperHQ.mp4
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    https://redream.io/ The Redream emulator for Sega Dreamcast, is available on the google playstore. I know people struggled with setting up the standalone Reicast emulator, Redream is far easier. No extra BIOS files are required and it detected my gamepad straight away, even found the game files! I have asked about launch intent, so the app is compatible with frontends like Hyperspin and Arc Browser. The reply I got was he meant to add the feature last night but "forgot" as inundated with day one crash reports. Once the feature is implemented, I'll do a video showcasing the emulator and show my settings.ini for Hyperspin
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    Version 1.0.0


    Program that starts many programs along with HS, and closes all of them when the HS closes Just list the full path where the program you want to open along with the HS write 1 per line
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    The Difference though is that Jason does that for a living. That is his job. Most of the stuff developed here are by people who do it in free time and if they are anything like me, free time is few and far between and then even when I have it, long standing projects are pushed because the spin up time isn't worth the hassle knowing how little time I do have. If HyperSpin had a Patreon though, maybe devs could be more inclined.
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    When you say "swf" everyone's thinking about animations but HS can run actionscript3 code too, this mean you can actually add features to "standard" HS. Here's an example, my skin is running time, date and weather forecast on specialA1
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    A video to help you understand the Redream emulator, covering issues and questions you might have. Currently Redream doesn't use launch intent but it will be added soon. I'll do another video to help with setting it up with Hyperspin (for STV) and Arc Browser (for phones & STV) once that feature is added in.
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    As you probably know there is a RetroArch core to play Daphne games BUT currently it's broken! I wish the developer luck getting the official core stable. Thanks to @Reznnate. We now have access again to the working test core (HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frcFNWPinSkfyafsBXsnfHd46_kS1yIY). We can install this .so file through a new feature in RA, an install core option under "load cores" has been added. I've put together a video to help you peeps understand the Daphne game files and the settings required to get the games playing through RA and Hyperspin. I hope it's of help to some of you....
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    Really all that needs to happen is some wide screen support, the theme creator updated for the times and some support for newer file formats (rip swf) and then the people who have been waiting around here all these years would knock down the walls creating new content and expanding it. Not sure what's up with the development (and personally HS 1.0 still suites my needs for the most part), but it seems as though HS 2.0 could be released in a barebones state and the community would work to prop it up and improve it, the problems that arise could be fixed up on the way because there should be enough buzz and interest. I guess It's similar to when Bethesda release an elder scroll games on the PC and modders have fixed all the issues and made it look 10 times better within a few months. Seems like now with all the expectations built around the wait time it will never deliver as a full blown finished product. I say get it fundamentally working on a basic level and release what you have so we can go at it and build something great. But who knows what goes on with development so take all this as uneducated opinion!
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    Sorry I've been away. Was hit hard by the pinball bug. I've reposted the alpha daphne core here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frcFNWPinSkfyafsBXsnfHd46_kS1yIY The threading behavior is not acceptable for a proper core, but it works okay for now.
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    Please do not let your disappointment deter you from being an active HyperSpin user. HyperSpin 2.0 has been "releasing soon" for 10 years now. Hyperbase was cool to see implemented but should not be used for getting your hopes up. Make the best of what you have now and hopefully IF they ever release 2.0 they keep everything pretty similar so that we can just migrate our setups to the new software. Do not let waiting on 2.0 keep you from using HyperSpin as is.
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    It really is great to see so many old faces popping up here. Long live the Hyperspin 2.0 threads. 😛
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    Perfectly said. The passion shown by people here (even I made 2 HTPC theme sets years ago to give back) has really been this front ends life support for years. If the content creators didn’t continue to make wheels, box art, themes etc. HS would of died years ago. When you have a community like this, I feel it’s been a slap in the face to basically dangle the carrot in front of everyone’s mouth for years. Then on top of it you have people that actually know what’s going on but the dev team makes them take an oath of silence like they’re working on the fountain of youth. Its time to Sh*t or Get off the Pot.
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    *Sigh* ....ok. I don't try to participate in HD dev threads, but being that I've realized today it's been 10 years waiting on any news regarding 2.0; we're talking a decade here people I have to vent. The fact that we are so far from the last major release of HS and nobody is still allowed to give any information on 2.0 is just ludicrous. I asked for a lousy font used on HS special artwork that I waited on 3 weeks to get an answer on and never did to make custom special artwork. There is no reason to be like this to people that support you. Again 10 years this has been going on. I'm asking to just be a little more courteous to the end user, that's all. Seeing how Jason is with his user base, it can definitely be done, but HS devs choose not to go this route. I don't know exactly what they have against their user base to be this way, but they should of really handled this differently over the years. end rant
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    I would rather it go off topic than monitoring another HS dev thread Nintendo all within their rights to do all those things and I get the zero tolerance thing but most of it seems over the top!
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    Most people who complain about Hyperspin, in fact have issues understanding rocket launcher. Not realising the two work in tandem! Yes "noobs" seem to think using launch box is easier but "power users" will integrate rocket launcher with it. I used to like Launch box. I enjoyed watching Jason's dev streams and the videos done by the "old crew" but it all went downhill fast. Even if I ignore the fact the software slowed to a crawl once I kitted it out with systems. I wasn't keen on the replacement YouTube personalities he chose to represent the software. Emailing us all saying LB is "under attack", asking us to report some guy was the final straw. I don't want to get dragged into that BS.
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    Enjoy what we have, and be pleasantly surprised when the next version arrives, y'know?
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    This months No Nag MAME .209. Enjoy as always.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Theme ,Video and Logo
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    Daphne can be a confusing system to configure, there is something I should have explained better in the video. The first line of the framefile text file, is as I said the path line. If a "." is there it's stating the files of the "tracks" listed are located in the same folder as that .txt file. SO...my original Bega.txt file was correct BUT for that to work, you would need to put all those game files in the framefile folder along with the .txt files. I consider that a lazy/messy way of doing it, which is why I said it was "wrong". I prefer to have the game files kept in their appropriate folders, just having the .txt files in the framefile folder. As shown edit the first line of each game's .txt file, to point to the game folder where the media files are located.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I post you all the time if you like
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    I need to test this out!!!! But it’s sleep time for me. comment from HunterK “No, cores are tougher due to Google’s “security” measures. They always need to live in the /data/data/com.retroarch/cores directory, but you can sideload them without root by placing the *.so library in your RetroArch/downloads directory and then go to load core > install a core and it will pick up any libs in that dir and copy them to the right location.”
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    I don't really want to comment further, as I'm no longer up to speed on using CRT. Good to know you use a configuration similar to what I suggested, it seems to suit your needs ok
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    A second tought, are you using windows defender? Try disabling it. If you are not using another antivirus you can disable it only on the current session but in case you can disable it permanently trought windows registry
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    Someone has reported problems with windows 1903
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    Do HyperSpin and RocketLauncher have administrator right?
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    ZeroJay said he would, be patient there's no need to keep pestering about it. If you really want RA64 that badly, pay for the Arc Browser frontend and use it alongside Hyperspin. AB is being actively developed and is technically a superior frontend. This thread is meant to point out cores that are working and on which version of Retroarch. @zerojay RetroArch now allows us to install cores manually, if we have the *.so file in the Retroarch/Downloads folder! It will make sharing the working cores much easier now, no need for you to take on the hassle of creating an online server for RA's config file to be pointed to
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    Remember when Hyperlaunch was just one big ahk file? 😂
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    Did you try out the 62 system build in the downloads section?
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    I downloaded the Daphne core for RA64 from the buildbot. That doesn't out right crash when loading the core, like it does on the play store version of RA64. I'll reinstall RA32 on my phone. If Daphne doesn't crash and other cores seem OK, I'll make the change on my STV and test Daphne.
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    Doesn't work! Tried putting the hatari_libretro_android.zip and even the *.so file in the download folder for Retroarch. It doesn't show, just the Atari ST/STE/TT/FALCON (Hatari) option is listed to download from the buildbot.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Binding of Isaac - Afterbirth Plus PC theme
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    Yeah what about a Patreon? Sounds like a good idea. If people are willing to pay why not, if not well its fine then. What about opening source of HS otherwise? I know its probably too much but it can be interesting.
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    Launchbox is terrific and very easy to set up. I would never use it without Rocketlauncher though. The default launcher is fine, but not nearly as feature rich as Rocketlauncher. I could never achieve the performance with Big Box that I could with hyperspin though. It’s always been laggy for me with large ROM collections - even with good hardware. It’s very encouraging to hear there is actually a beta version of a new hyperspin floating around out there. That’s honestly the best news I’ve heard since the infamous Avar disappearance. Hyperspin will always be my preferred frontend unless Big Box’s performance sees significant improvement.
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    Ha you can think that, I and others are beta testing. It takes time but I assure you it’s a real thing. Launchbox is good for some, if you like a cookie cutter and lack of theme support it’s perfect. I get it. I only wish Jason would truly have updates to the core. The updates in the last 8 months at the very least have really been nothing. I’m a lifetime supporter there. I watch the updates and get them but for me there is literally 0 incentive for me to move to launchbox. I would actually lose some features that I love. Think what you want but launchbox isn’t that great.... yet anyhow I hope I’m wrong someday but today isn’t that day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Here's the updated 0.1.8 build: https://zerojay.com/nextcloud/index.php/s/3QfPqYM4A6ymjr4 It gives me problems, likely because my configs aren't in the proper places anymore judging from the changelog for 0.1.8, so my controllers aren't recognized as they used to be, for instance. Once I figure this out for myself, I may move on to trying to update the CONFIGFILE part of the launch intent so that 32 and 64 bit will have their own configurations respected. I can say that MAME-2013-plus seems to play Killer Instinct far smoother on 64-bit than 32-bit.
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    Version 1.0.9


    Moving bezels from EmuMovies FTP to here...
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    Here is the last version of HyperXMLspin for Hyperspin : + create/edit/save favorites that stretch across all systems in one wheel. + create/edit/save search results that stretch across all systems (ie create a Mario wheel from all systems) in one wheel. + create/edit/save console favorites, handheld favorites, arcade favorite genre wheels etc... + as you update your media, you can sync the genres media here by pressing a button so your new media is always up to date in the genre wheels here. + Play directly to game found from HyperXMLspin results view. + Play to any games from Hyperspin wheel created. + Hide/Show HyperXMLspin (MultiSearch or QuickSearch) with an Hotkey. + Compatibility with all launchers (Hyperlaunch & RocketLauncher) + Add a game to its favorites system list with a button when selecting a game from results view. Video tutorial : Text tutorial (also in readme.txt): ************************************************************** **** I - hyperXMLspin : Quick Installation : **** ************************************************************** 1 / Launch HyperXMLspin.exe and setup parameters : 2 / On tab menu <General> Select HyperSpin folder (where is located HyperSpin.exe) 3 / On tab menu <General> Select launcher file executable.(Hyperlaunch.exe or RocketLauncher.exe) 4 / For advanced parameters look for chapter III. ************************************************************** **** II - hyperXMLspin : Full Installation : **** ************************************************************** With Full installation it will be possible to save lists from mode "show" and "export" lists from HyperXMLspin item databases. If you doesn't need one of this features , just use the Quick Installation from chapter I ************Installation inside Hyperspin*************** 1 / Launch HyperHQ.exe (On tab menu "main menu wizard") add new item with any name you want , for example : "HyperXMLspin" 2 / To the question : "Does this menu item have a sub-wheel" select "yes". 3 / Select item position inside your system wheel list. (Anywhere you want) 4 / Go to tab menu "wheel settings" , select "HyperXMLspin" wheel then tab menu "emulator" 5 / On field "Executable" : Select HyperXMLspin.exe file previously downloaded and extracted. 6 / On field "Execution" : Normal , "PC game" : Disabled , "Use Full Path To Roms" : Disabled , "Search Subfolders" : Disabled Open & Check in ini file parameters : "userompath=false" & "searchsubfolders=false". ("HyperSpin\Setting\HyperXMLspin.ini" for this example) 7 / Leave empty fields : "Rom Path" , "Params" , "Extensions - WinState : Hidden" 8 / Select menu tab "navigation/themes" then checkbox "use xml indexes","clones use parent videos","clones use parent themes" then close HyperHQ. 9 / If you have choosed "HyperXMLspin" as item name : Copy & replace Databases & Media folders from Hyperxmlspin package inside HyperSpin directory. Otherwise rename all "HyperXMLspin" folders & files name by yours , before copying and replacing. ****************Setup HyperXMLspin********************** 10/ Launch HyperXMLspin.exe and setup parameters : 11/ On tab menu <General> Select HyperSpin folder (where is located HyperSpin.exe) 12/ On tab menu <General> Select launcher file executable.(Hyperlaunch.exe or RocketLauncher.exe) 13/ On tab menu <General> Select HyperXmlspin item name.(Name given in step 1/) 14/ For advanced parameters look for chapter III. ************************************************************** **** III - hyperXMLspin : Advanced setup : **** ************************************************************** 1 / On tab menu <General> HyperXMLspin language : french or english 2 / On tab menu <General> resolution (fullscreen/window) : 800x600/800x600 , 1024x768/1024x768 , 1280x720/1000x720 et 1920x1080/1380x1010 3 / On tab menu <Controls> Keyboard hotkeys for exit , parameters and hide/show HyperXMLspin. 4 / On tab menu <Controls> virtual keyboard , to show a virtual keyboard inside HyperXMLspin interface. 5 / On tab menu <Controls> Emulate Joystick to mouse and set up joy number and its 8 buttons. 6 / On tab menu <Options> Fullscreen mode allow picture selection for background. 7 / On tab menu <Options> For each HyperXmlspin views set background color , font color , transparency , and police style. 8 / On tab menu <Options> Hide HyperXMLspin on startup. (Then use Hide/Show HyperXMLspin key/button to unhide) 9 / On tab menu <Options> Video preview allow you to disable/enable video preview 10/ On tab menu <Options> Parental control Parental to define a PIN code to limit access to parameters and limit HyperXMLspin to "Show" and QuickSearch mode. 11/ On tab menu <Options> Parental Filter to not show mature/adult games in HyperXMLspin and also in HyperSpin (for hyperxmlspin wheels). 12/ On tab menu <Options> Symlinks NTFS to use Symlinks instead of duplicating medias (prevent space on hard drive but only possible with NTFS partition) 13/ On tab menu <Options> Use confirm exit to show a message box and confirm to exit hyperxmlspin. 14/ On tab menu <Options> HyperXMLspin graphical theme.(custom theme must be placed on Themes folder in HyperXMLspin.exe folder) 15/ On tab menu <Update> Check medias to update hyperXMLspin artworks & videos with those from HyperSpin. Allow you to share custom HyperXMLspin wheels.(Look for chapter IV) 16/ On tab menu <Update> Scan Filters to update genres and years lists for HyperXMLspin search engine. ************************************************************** **** IV - hyperXMLspin : Tips **** ************************************************************** 1/ For found games that have same name , HyperXMLspin add a space to distinguish them from others , actually this tip is just working with HyperLaunch For RocketLauncher , edit HyperSpin/settings/settings.ini file then modify "Hyperlaunch_Path" with HyperXMLspin full path ( ex: Hyperlaunch_Path= F:\HyperSpin\HyperXMLspin.exe ) , don't forget to save modifications. 2/ To make an HDD backup with symlinks created by HyperXMLspin , use an NTFS HDD Then use cmd or PowerShell with administrator rights , and use this command line : xcopy /e /b /i /h Path_In Path_out ( ex: xcopy /e /b /i /h C:\HYPERSPIN f:\HyperSpin-backup ) ************************************************************** **** V - hyperXMLspin : functioning : **** ************************************************************** ******HyperXMLspin functioning (QuickSearch) :******** Enter or select at least on search term , then validate.("Tools" button must not be activated) *******HyperXMLspin functioning (MultiSearch) :******* Enter or select at least on search term , select "tools" then : --> Use the "show" function for an immediate search.(Results can be saved if HyperXMLspin have been setup as a full installation : Chapter II) --> Use the "create" function to save your search results in an hyperspin "genre" or "main" wheel. --> Use the "Add" function to add the search results to an existing list. The last three functions are usable without search criteria: --> Use the "delete" function to delete an entire list and media..(Use HyperHQ to delete an entire "main" Wheel) --> Use the "edit" function to sort games by genre, year , etc ... or to delete them. --> Use the "Export" fonction to export an hyperXMLspin "genre list as an other "Main or "Genre" list.(only available if HyperXMLspin have been setup as a full installation : Chapter II) Once list have been edited , click "OK". Tip : for multiple search for multiple games separate each keyword/letter with a comma. ************************************************************** **** Sharing HyperXMLspin lists functioning **** ************************************************************** You can share any hyperXMLspin list you want with HyperSpin community , but their compatibility between each users will not be all the time at 100 % : Games from lists are compatible only with lists with same game name and same system name. But you can increase compatibility with function "Update medias" on manual mode. Example with list ABestOfAll created by ninja2bceen (inside package Databases\ABestOfAll) : ************Installation inside Hyperspin*************** 1 / Launch HyperHQ.exe (On tab menu "main menu wizard") add new item with the name of the list , for this example : "ABestOfAll" 2 / To the question : "Does this menu item have a sub-wheel" select "yes". 3 / Select item position inside your system wheel list. (Anywhere you want) 4 / Go to tab menu "wheel settings" , select "HyperXMLspin" wheel then tab menu "emulator" 5 / On field "Executable" : Select HyperXMLspin.exe file previously downloaded and extracted. 6 / On field "Execution" : Normal , "PC game" : Disabled , "Use Full Path To Roms" : Disabled , "Search Subfolders" : Disabled 7 / Leave empty fields : "Rom Path" , "Params" , "Extensions - WinState : Hidden" 8 / Select menu tab "navigation/themes" then checkbox "use xml indexes","Themes only","clones use parent videos","clones use parent themes" then close HyperHQ. Option "Themes Only" allow to hyperspin to not show games not compatible from the shared list.(Do not check this option if you not have at least 1 default theme per system) Open & Check in ini file parameters : "userompath=false" & "searchsubfolders=false". ("HyperSpin\Setting\HyperXMLspin.ini" for this example) 9 / Copy xml list ("ABestOfAll.xml" inside package Databases\ABestOfAll) inside hyperspin databasest ("/Hyperspin/databases/ABestOfAll/ABestOfAll.xml" for this example) ****************Setup HyperXMLspin********************** 10 / Launch HyperXMLspin.exe then go to parameters. 11 / On menu tab <Update> click "Check medias" then select updating mode : Auto mode checked : all fully compatible medias will be automaticly copyed if found. Auto mode unchecked: you will have to choose each systems & games not found automaticly with systems or games you have. 12 / Select list to update ("ABestOfAll" for this example) then click "update". (hyperxmlspin main lists have "***" at begining and ending of their name) So now, media directory of this list contain all artworks and videos you already have. (your Video et artworks files have not been modified or deleted but just copyed or "symlinked") ABestOfAll.xml file created by ninja2bceen contain 245 games. With my configuration , after an auto scan i got 130 fully compatible , then after a manual scan i got 63 more...total : 193/245 results depend from each HyperSpin database users, and so may be different from others users. As a normal list , each shared lists can be edited in hyperxmlspin to add , delete or sort as you prefer each games. ************************************************************** **** VI - hyperXMLspin : About **** ************************************************************** Report me buggs or ask me your questions to : [email protected] Thanks also to beta tester : ninja2bceen,potts43,ghutch92 & arshesney. Thanks also to donators that have contributed to HyperXMLspin development. To help me : use donate button on menu tab "About" inside parameters panel. Application created with Autohotkey. That's all folks , now : Search,play,enjoy !!!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Nintendo 64DD - Main Wheel Logo Enjoy
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    Un nouveau theme déjà disponible dans la section Download. Peut être que l'on pourra l'utiliser sous Taito Type X 3. Et de nouveau themes à venir.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Theme for Adventures of Tintin, The Prisoners of the Sun (SNES)
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    Version V101


    Original thread http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/7830-demul-full-xbox-360-controls-for-naomi-and-atomiswave-enjoy/?hl=%2Bdemul+%2Bcontrol Demul - Sega Naomi & Sammy Atomiswave control configs for Xbox 360 Controller By urbangangsta101 Demu 0.582 Sammy Atomiswave XML v1.1 Sega Naomi XML v1.2 Installation: (Essential) - Put the nvram folder into your Demul emulator folder (Overwrite any existing files) - Put the Demul (v0.5.8).ini into your Hyperlaunch Demul module folder (Overwrite any existing file) Extra Steps: (Not essential) - Enable Keyboard in Port C of the Demul plugins menu (Config->Maple Device Manager->Port C = Keyboard) - For 'Keyboard' style games - Add 'Mahjong' controls to your padDemul.ini (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf) - Map controls for the 4 'Trackball' style games using Xpadder (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf) - Map controls for the 11 'Lightgun' style games using Xpadder (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf & demu-atomiswave.pdf) You should really use an Aimtrak Lightgun - Map controls for 1 'Touch Screen' style game using Xpadder (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf) Enjoy!
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    Version 20141222


    Dark Blue MAME Game Wheel Pack - Maxcade
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    Version 20111020


    Breath of Fire II (USA) (SNES)
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    Version 20100531


    King of Fighters XI, The - kofxi (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20100531


    Guilty Gear Isuka - ggisuka (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20100605


    Knights Of Valour: The Seven Spirits - kov7sprt (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  50. 1 point

    Version 20110422


    Virtua Cop 3 (Rev A) (GDX-0003A) - vcop3 (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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