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    Unfortunately, hypersync will no longer be updated as far as capabilities go. It was programmed by Rain, who is no longer a part of our community administration team. I vow to do the best I can with what our final version of hypersync is capable of. All I can say is Jhabers is just as picky with his hyperbase live project, as I am with artwork approvals, so when that drops you guys are going to lose your minds!! And the good news is, all of the work I'm putting into sync/hyperbase right now, will be directly ported to HB Live. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Massive MAME theme update (73 themes) Also added sounds for: Game boy Game boy color Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New update i have started sorting through dougans c64 wheel set so far A TO E is sorted and intact to match the offcial xml of c64 i have also put spare wheels aside. stay tuned for more updates
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    fixed 7800, but the other consoles dont have the box, or cart art available. If you have these sets, please upload also fixed tg16 default theme to support cart art
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    I finally got some time to look into the posted issues about the search. I was not happy to verify that the only things that would pull up were the last 3 days worth of posts. I am however happy to report that all data in now being reindexed and search is verified working. May be up to an hour for everything to be fully indexed.
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    virtual boy carts http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7837-nintendo-virtual-boy-cart-set-20150410/
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    I'm currently at work so i will put these up as i find time gaps in what i have to do today. Please be a little patient with me, today is a busy day. I just realized that i forgot to mention that the only wheels available for the SG-1000 are 3D wheels. Nobody has ever made a proper set of 2D wheels for the console. SG-1000 are 3D Boxes http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7836-sega-sg-1000-3d-boxes/ I didn't give them a proper date naming scheme as there are still files missing. There are only 5. If you do plan to use them, perhaps we could get someone to simply superimpose those missing boxes onto the existing template.
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    Do flash games count? If so, Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a must!
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    Rounded sticker on place now it's time for a new project
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    YEah, i tested some games in ppsspp on the shield and they run great Dark
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    The app is only in the alpha state and my initial focus was on a PC-replacement for my mame arcade. For this reason, I have been focused on features primarily and haven't had a chance to work on compatibility. At the moment, the app only works with nvidia drivers (I've confirmed Shield portable, Nexus 9, Shield Tablet.... haven't tested others yet). This new streamer box is going inside my cabinet. http://shield.nvidia.com/ The extra wireless controller will work well for those Android games that benefit. Once we get the app into beta state, we'll be seeking help from other coders on Mac support, linux support, additional Android compatibility, new features, etc. License will not be open source. We will be retaining it as a Hyperspin community project.
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    Welcome to the forum Kakamingas. There have been some big changes recently and people are probably trying the catch up. HyperLaunch is now called RocketLauncher and the downloads you seek are here. You will need the RockerLauncher v1.0 full install and the Base Media Pack. The Transition packs are only for people who have HyperLaunch/RocketLauncher already installed.
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    Hello Everyone! I'm totally new here, first post ever on the Hyperspin forum. Just wanted to share with you my most recent project. I've been fixing restoring and playing pinballs and arcades for the past 10 years. Since last year I have created a side job where I'm doing high end overhaul of machines. I've done Super Pac-Man, Asteroids, Ms Pac-Man and a custom machine for my workplace. I also got the biggest request ever to build a custom cabinet from scratch for a 4 player machine with the biggest possible screen. The client is a big Space Invaders fan and wanted the machine to looks as vintage as possible while offering the newest technology. The cabinet has a 4" lcd; he was wishing for a 55" at first and said it was too big considering how close the players will be from it. I wont get into every details yet, it's been a huge 6 months of works aside my full time job. Most of all I'm very glad to say that the machine is exactly as I expected it to be. Side and front art is all hand painted by the way. Cheers Dreg
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    There was definitely something wrong with the joysticks in HS. I was having some issues myself. The current HS 1.4 build 009 Test build made a bunch of changes to joysticks, so far my sticks are working great now. But until everyone tests I won't know if I need to change anything else.