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    Cool, but I didn't even know there was an app section before. So really this crash is showing people what they might have been missing. Glass half full baby!
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    Side one is on! This is just a quick pic to post and it doesn't do this decal justice at all. The quality of this print in person is incredible. I'll post more photos impressions later after I get it finished and put back together. I'll update this thread http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/507-decals-and-printing-for-your-hyperspin-cabinet/. I ordered the print from Bowman Signs (from that link) and I was expecting it to be quality due to all the praise and recommendations in that thread. Even so I'm completely blown away by the quality of this material and print. The blacks are pitch black, the colors are shockingly bright, it is pixel perfect in detail with no color bleeding, Some of these panels are only an inch big, yet all the detail printed and came out. It lined up and went on well, although I did it without enough light and there are some bubbles in it (will they "evaporate I wonder?), but not enough to bug me. Looks great and I'll get the other side done in the morning.
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    Hi all, We will be private testing a new version of HyperSpin before an official public release. And as a thank you to our Platinum supporters, they get to be the private testers. This version is 1.4. 2.0 is still in the works but not ready so for now I have made some changes and additions to the current version. Added - Smoothing for special artwork png's. Added - Disable main menu item from database i.e (<game name="MAME" enabled="0"/> just add the enabled="0" if you want to disable a game. If there is no enabled attribute or if it is set to one then the item will show. Added - Disable item in sub menu, same as above but for individual games. Added - Launcher path can now be a relative path for portability. Added - New script file in Scripts folder. HScript.ahk. This script file has function in it that HyperSpin will call at certain times. For example inside the script is a function called "themeStart". When a user lands on a wheel this function will be called each time along with the system name and game name. This opens up more opportunities for 3rd party applications to get involved with events in HyperSpin instead of having to create workarounds using other in place systems. Fixed - Some animation types that were not working in HS 1.3. Changed - Launcher path must container full path to your launcher exe now. This affects pretty much everyone. In your settings you path to hyperlaunch must be the full path to the launcher. i.e C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe or C:\HyperSpin\RocketLaunch.exe Some users might notice a good speed improvement depending on their system. Private testing will be handled in the Platinum area forums in a new forum called Beta Testing. After testing is completed we will make an official announcement. Timeline depends on bugs found and addition of new features during the testing phase. We will be taking minor feature requests during this time also. Testing will begin tonight.
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    awesome.. that looks so great.
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    ROM CHECK FAIL is another essential addition to a cab.
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    awesome, this is great. So far i haven't done much to scour around to find the remaining stuff. I've been more focused on seeing whats up in hypersync and what i gives me when i re-sync. Always good to have more help on this. the more eyes looking out, the better.
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    Here you can get default and main themes, Soda PDF module and Fade. Note that Main theme, fade, or even module aren't "official", the official module is in development in Rocket Launcher Forums, Djvj and Brolly are helping us sorting that, probably we'll try making Soda PDF Reader portable until there. https://mega.co.nz/#F!IVZSXI7A!U1o1r2Cy4ffDMDxe9D4_Ig I suggest you putting any video that reminds retro gaming for the main theme (and create a better one that recalls to the subject, I didn't create that to be a definitive main theme), this system is new and basically you customize your magazines according to your taste. So, what you can do is getting together your magazine scans and make each one as a genre, Nintendo Power, GamePro, and so on. The default theme, wasn't made to display videos, so what you have to do is taking your magazines covers and name them according to your database created via Hyperlist or similar program. You should not use wheels but magazine covers, and you'll have a result next to that video I posted in the first of this thread. You're basically on your own regarding arts, there are tons of Video Games and PCs Magazines out there, you can create your own library, create each magazine label as genres. Have fun.
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    hello ive got 263 game gear 2d boxes and all those missing 3d covers aswell but they are different size then the main set i did not make these found them somewhere probably on the ftp ive upped them to dropbox for you hope you can use them 3d box update https://www.dropbox.com/s/kz0ytkruei9hnce/Sega%20Game%20Gear%203D%20Box%20Update.7z?dl=0 2d boxes https://www.dropbox.com/s/yrtc3gq81c3chty/Sega%20Game%20Gear%20Boxes%202D.7z?dl=0 edit and 2 different sets of those missing GBC cart art https://www.dropbox.com/s/5sdz6jcyafw06ak/Nintendo%20Gameboy%20Color%20cart%20art.7z?dl=0 edit2 bigger size of 3d boxes update link added https://www.dropbox.com/s/jed87oj7w6wdy7j/Sega%20Game%20Gear%203D%20Box%20Update%20bigger%20boxes.7z?dl=0
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