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    We have been working like mad to build the Download section. MAME now has 930 game themes, which is about half of the base pack. Thanks for your patience while things are getting organized.
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    Finally getting around to adding these here is 210 new video snaps for ScummVM. Thanks to the_poon for submitting the captures. Al alwasy you can find the 240p videos in the download section and the high quality videos on the ftp or download service. ScummVM Video Snaps [240p] 20150522 Category: Video Packs Last Updated Today, 09:47 PM EmuMovies DSU 2.2 Category: EmuMovies Download Service Last Updated Jan 26 2015 07:01 AM View the full article
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    Since nobody is really playing, I pick Sony Playstation 1.
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    It is still being worked on. I figure it will be August before its done. I have a list a mile long
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    Any emulator app that supports 'launching of roms' from the command line will work. Most emulators support this functionality, a few do not. In the sample .ini files I posted, you can see several emulators listed as possible 'launch' candidates separated by "|". It will attempt to launch the first emulator listed, if it's not installed, it will go to the next. I have examples of syntax for various emulators posted here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/8537-settings-android-emulator-settings/
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    Why not just use Microsoft's built in rdp? I find that easy and is built in = less over head Sent from my A0001
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    This is rather simple actually apart from the bios screen. Let's break your question down. To hide the windows loading screen you could modify it to your own screen or just a black image. With a tool like http://www.askvg.com/change-windows-7-boot-screen-using-windows-7-boot-updater/ you should be just fine. When windows is booted make sure you disable the login screen and let it login automatically. You can put a shortcut to your hyperspin.exe in your startup folder. This will launch hyperspin when windows is booted and logged in automatically. Even better, this is how I do it. Go to power settings and configure your power button to go into hybernate mode. This will windows save its current state and resume from it when you power your computer on again. Even if its powersource is disconnected since it stores the state on the hard disk. Now when your in hyperspin simply press the power button and it will go into hybernate. Press it again and within a few sexonds you find yourself back in hyperspin. This works best with an SSD since it will resume much faster. Now to make it look like a real arcade get yourself a regular type of arcade button with a default switch on it. This is no more then a button that can have a closed or open circuit on the press of a key. Check the jumper on your motherboard, the one where the power button is hooked up to at the moment. You can either cut the wire and replace the PC power button with your own, or place a jumper connector on the key yourself and switch it with the one currently use by your PCs power button. Sorry for my English and typing this on a smartphone hope it helps.
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    I noticed that your outersides had not screw holes in them. Did you do all you wood screws from the inside out, rather than the outside in (is the wood glue what is holding it together)? Anyone on what is the best practice? I have a router is it possible to make the button holes using the router as I don't have a drill press? Thanks, Rocket
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