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    Greetings all, There have already been a number of requests of MSX art lately, and as I indicated in some of those threads: I've been working on indexing what's available: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-lZRxtGSs9EMNXlBU7PFULlI_tu3GIY6QCk0EWF5DiU/edit#gid=27618270 There are a number of problems with the current art: - It's highly incomplete. - Quality is inconsistent. - It's from multiple sources with different licenses, so there's no single place I could upload what I have for download without getting myself into trouble with at least one of these sources. As such, I've decided to start over. I've teamed up with the Progetto Emma team (http://www.progettoemma.net/), well known for their MAME/MESS EXTRAs support, and have started with the creation of screen shots, title shots, and videos based on the MAME software lists for the MSX systems. In addition I would like to create a matching set of wheels, boxes, and carts. These can then be used to create themes or global themes. This is a rather daunting task (the MSX1 cartridge set alone is over 1200 games) for one man, so I'm looking for people who would like to help me out, especially in the wheels/boxes/carts area. Prerequisite for the creation of this set however is that it should be freely distributable by anyone (which of course includes the FTP sites of HS and EM, but also torrents on PD). These are the conditions used by Progetto, and as a strong supporter of F/OSS I support these conditions 100%. So, if you're interested in helping me create a full MSX art set, please contact me, either in the comments or via PM. I will take care of the required XML files, and if more people join I will have the Google docs set up to keep track of the progress. Request: I would appreciate if we could leave debating the distribution rules of HS/EM out of this topic, as I would hate to see this topic deleted over this.
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    Hi all, Though of popping 2 cherries at once here. Posting in a forum for the first time, and also my first arcade cabinet! Progress pics so far, not completed. So let me know what you think and any feedback. Thanks all
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    It mainly took so long due to the fact that as soon as it was playable I just played it rather than finishing. But now I have the finishing touches on it. I designed the cabinet myself.
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    Thanks to a lot of member feedback and guidance with Hypersin, I have my MAME arcade up and running. Of course the arcade is using Hyperspin to work and wanted to share this video for those interested in how it looks, plays, etc. Something special (IMO) is that I've connected it to my xbox one for Killer Instinct (of course). Great to play that game the way it was intended - in an arcade! Also show off driving wheel and light gun.
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