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    Found it. It wasn't the fade for intro or outro, but fade for starting and ending. I misread that one. Nice loading screen now. Thanks!
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    The ultimarc Ipac can handle 2 players, 8 buttons and an array of option buttons plus 2 reprogrammable buttons per player without having to use NO/NC trick or shifted key function. You are in the clear here. Be careful with the buttons at the highest point on the top panel. They may interfere with the monitor and plexi angle. Yes. Primarily for guys that want to have their own custom stuff and/or trackball.
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    Pour résumer le problème vient du fait que tu as probablement une Intel HD Graphics 4000 ou similaire comme carte graphique (assez commun pour une "petite" bécane comme celle que tu mettrais dans un bartop) Ces cartes graphiques ont un bug quand on les utilise pour lire des vidéos en MP4 comme ce que fait Hyperspin. Si tu as flash d'installé sur ta bécane va lire une vidéo en Flash et fais un clic droit dessus pour aller dans les options de Flash et désactiver l'accélération matérielle. Si ça ne résout pas ton problème, un mec a fait un outil : https://www.mediafire.com/?7h0l5abcbwqb2zc qui apparement régle tout... mais j'ai pas testé vu que je n'ai pas de Intel HD 4000 Si tu le peux essaye de te prendre une petite carte Nvidia ça sera bien mieux que le chipset vidéo intégré à ta carte mère.
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    Ok so i found an app today that shows all these arguments for android apks, and it doesnt require root. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sika524.android.quickshortcut Its for making direct shortcuts to specific app functions, but it shows all the "activities" that we use to launch roms through hyperspin. Run the app look for the emu you want to run then tap on it it will show you all the activities for the apk. There may be multiples, but it will be one of the activities listed.
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    Love it and the Steam punk theme especially the valves, just don't think the coloured buttons work with it. And the screen gives an interesting slant on things. Now the question is....is the barrel full of Rum, Beer or Whiskey?
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    if you like it and it works then take pride in it!!!! Its not my style but then im sure a lot of people don't like my arcades!!! you definitely thought out of the box!!! Enjoy it!!!
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    Yes, scarily enough, I do still have the original psd files.. if you let me know the complete size of the control panel and front panels combined I'll sort you out a custom graphic. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
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    The file is in my folder on the ftp site, you need to be a gold member (or higher, to access it) Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note II.
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