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    Myself? The 2 versions are strictly aligned in term of features. I will say that it is easier to use the C# version on a Windows machine. On any other operating system, the Java version is the one to be used. It all depends on your own taste I am interested to see if it can be supported inside Hyperspin to show the hiscores when browsing games.
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    WD red for large drives like this mate. Depends on money, usage and deals you can find tbh
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    Hello all, I had improved the current high scores decoding engine of hi2txt utility, added some games and most important created also a native C# version, additionally to the Java one. What's new in 1.4 version? 18 new games supported + many clones! Play Girls 2, Palamedes, Fighting Hawk, Pirate Pete, Gun & Frontier, Liquid Kids, Metal Black, Super Space Invaders '91, Space Invaders '95: The Attack Of Lunar Loonies, Bubble Bobble II, Bubble Symphony, Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer, Ray Force, Kyukyoku Tiger II, Raiden DX, Raiden II, Tiger Road, Kamikaze games updated for hiscore.dat 2015-07-01: many!games updated for hiscore.dat 2015-01-31: many! hi2txt general improvements:a native C# version exists!output customization and filtering, through command-line parameters (see doc for more information)-score-grouping, -score-grouping-separator, -score-grouping-size-keep-field, -keep-table-value, -keep-first-score, -keep-first-table, -hide-field-max-lines, -max-columns As usual, everything (including full documentation), is here: http://greatstone.fr...txt/hi2txt.html Feedback is welcome as well as game support request And here is a simple installation guide for the C# version:DOT.NET Framework 4.5+ must be installed on your Windows unzip [email protected]@20150912.CSharp.7z go inside 'example' folder and double-click on read.bat => It will read a hiscore file and display extracted data. Have a look inside read.bat to see the command-line. Regards,GreatStone
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    Wow been awhile since I posted, lots of stuff been a a gone. Here's some pics.
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    new item, Battlestar Galactica themed speaker panel.. FRACK ME!!
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