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    Welcome to the HyperBase Live Public Beta, soon to evolve into the full-fledged HyperAI! This isn't just a new tool to make our lives easier. HyperAI is soon to be as integral a part of HyperSpin as the frontend itself! Get ready for the next generation of greatest frontend the world has ever known. Here's how you can help us make HyperAI and future iterations of HyperSpin even more awesome: use the software throughout the beta as we continue to provide updates. Don't hold back! We encourage you to put it through the grinder, try to break it, beat the hell out of it, and let us know so we can fix it to make it better for everyone! Community participation is paramount to what makes HyperSpin great and it'll help ensure our new creations continue to meet our high standards. Please report and issues and findings directly in this thread and we'll address it asap. Cheers! . .. .
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    Right now has to be officially named
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    Okay, testing on Win 10 anyways. The program seems to work flawlessly for me. I just downloaded 6,544 MAME wheels in 4 minutes.
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    Well the first round of features are aimed at bringing back everything you know and love. The second round of new features is where all the awesomesauce comes in.
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    Hi CroCop ( Kroatischer Herkunft ? der Mirko ist damals ordentlich abgegangen), erstmal vielen Dank für deine Liste und den guten Tutorials die du für uns erstellt hast. Ich bin grade dran Hyperspin + Rocketlauncher zum laufen zu kriegen und habe bereits die folgenden Systeme drauf und zum funktionieren gekriegt: -SNES -NES -Nintendo 64 -Gameboy -Mame (ca. 200 Lieblingsgames ) -Cave -Capcom System I II III -Sega Genesis/MasterSystem/Module 2 -PSP Minis -NeoGeo -Turbo Grafx 16 Alles in 2 Wochen und nur mit der Hilfe von Simply Austin !!!! Top Tutorials hat der Kerl. Jetzt habe ich mir die folgenden Systeme noch vorgenommen und hoffe du kannst mir hier etwas helfen: -Nintendo Wii -Nintendo Wiiware -Dreamcast -Gamecube Mir ist nicht ganz klar wie ich die am besten in Hyperspin Intigriere (Dolphin einfach als Emulator drauf und dann das System aufnehmen und verlinken ? ) Vielen Dank schon mal.
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    have a default button then we can set all systems at once which we have avalible
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    Mein System Win10 64 Bit Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4096MB CPU i7 3770K Asus Sabertooth z77 Mainboard Ram 32GB (20GB Ramdisk auf SSD) Samsung Evo 256GB SSD 1x 8 TB HDD = Spiele HyperSpin 1x 3 TB HDD = PC Spiele 2x 2 TB HDD = Filme & Serien 1x 1 TB HDD = Programme & Sonstiges QNAP TS-451+ NAS Server 4 Bay 4x8TB Angeschlossen an 3x 24" Monitore + 40" 3D TV HyperSpin - 183 Systeme Installiert - 87.956 von 103.050 Spiele vorhanden Verwendete Programme die automatisch mit HyperSpin gestartet werden Event Dispatch System HyperMarquee HyperSearch Guidebutton360 LEDBlinky Steuerung durch Xinput und Xpadder 4x PS3 Controller (wird später durch 4x PS4 Controller ersetzt) 2x Xbox 360 Controller (wird später durch 4x Xbox One Controller ersetzt) 4x Wii Remote Controller + Nunchuk (Mayflash Dolphinbar) 4x Gamecube Controller (CG Adapter for WiiU & PC Mayflash) Logitech G25 Racing Wheel Hori Tekken 6 Arcade Fighting Stick Die beliebtesten Systeme werden ihre Orginal Controller erhalten PS3 BD Remote für Plex Media Server, Kodi TV, Steam Big Picture Modus und sonstige Steuerung 2x PS3 Move Controller (mal schauen was man damit noch anfangen kann) Bereits vollständige Systeme (Spiele komplett, Steuerung mit allen Controllern funktioniert und alles startet, Media fast vollständig) Mit Grün markierte Systeme die unten aufgelistet sind, verlinken euch zu meinen Anleitungen. HyperSpin & Rocketlauncher Steuerung funktionieren mit allen Controllern + Lenkrad Bandai WonderSwan = RetroArch Bandai WonderSwan Color = RetroArch BlueStacks (Android Emulator) = BlueStacks Final Burn Alpha = Final Burn Alpha FightCade = FightCade Kodi TV = Kodi (Live TV, Live Streams, Musik, Filme und Serien Sammlung) Nintendo 64 incl. HD Texturen Mods = Project64 Nintendo Entertainment Systems = FCEUX, Nestopia Nintendo Famicom = FCEUX, Nestopia Nintendo Famicom Disk System = FCEUX, Nestopia Nintendo Game Boy = VisualBoyAdvance-M Nintendo Game Boy Advance = VisualBoyAdvance-M Nintendo Game Boy Color = VisualBoyAdvance-M Nintendo GameCube = Dolphin Ishiiruka Mod Nintendo Pokemon Mini = PokeMini Nintendo Super Famicom = Snes9x Nintendo Super Game Boy = VisualBoyAdvance-M Nintendo Virtual Boy = RetroArch Nintendo WiiWare = Dolphin Ishiiruka Mod OpenBOR = OpenBOR PC Games = PCLauncher Pinball FX2 = PCLauncher PlayStation = ePSXe, PCSX-R, Psxfin,RetroArch PlayStation Portable = PPSSPP PlayStation Portable Minis = PPSSPP Scumm = ScummVM SEGA 32X = Fusion, RetroArch SEGA CD = Fusion, RetroArch SEGA Game Gear = Fusion, RetroArch SEGA Master System = Fusion, RetroArch SEGA Mega Drive = Fusion, RetroArch SEGA Model 2 = Sega Model 2 Emulator SEGA Model 3 = SuperModel SEGA SG-1000 = Fusion SEGA Triforce = Dolphin Sonic System = Verschiedene Spotify (Später durch eine ordentliche Jukebox ersetzen / ergänzen) Steam incl. Steam Big Picture Mode = Steam Streets of Rage - Remake = SOFR Super Nintendo Entertainment System = Snes9x Taito Type X = TTX
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    Love me some NASA! See if you can spot all the movie references. Full build log here: http://imgur.com/a/jWjTR
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    I'm taking the same approach as Giga, going in as an "average" user. Is there a way to cancel out of a sync, say I have 3 consoles syncing and I change my mind and want to only sync 2? (besides closing the program) The video path shouldn't have a "s" on the end. Only a few observations after a couple hours of testing.
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    So we do not support that at beta 1. But we will very soon. Beta 2 is right around the corner.
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    Hyper-Stoked! Ima grab a Mt Dew, some Dorritos and give this a testing. From what I gather, is that Win XP won't be supported on this?
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    Hey, jep so siehts aus, richtig erkannt Danke für dein Lob, hoffe die funktionieren genauso gut bei dir, wie sie es auch bei mir tun. Für Nintendo Wii, WiiWare und GameCube musst du nur Dolphin einfügen. Wenn bei dir Rocketlauncher standardmäßig installiert ist, brauchst du lediglich den Pfad unter Global > Emulators > Dolphin einzutragen. Dreamcast funktioniert im Prinzip genauso, nur das du hier etwas mehr Auswahl an Emulatoren hast (Demul, NullDC und Makaron sind meine Favoriten). Ich habe momentan leider nur noch sehr wenig Zeit durch meine Prüfungen, sonst hätte ich noch weitere Tutorials verfasst, aber es werden noch mehr kommen, versprochen.
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    You are all set with the lifetime member over there
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    That is one hell of a HyperSpin pc lol. I like your idea and the fact that you don't have to worry about specs for quite some time since you will be set for a while it sounds like. I just prefer to go cheaper on this first build, even though I know down the road I will want to build a new system when I have more experience and go over the top ha. I just want to go cheaper and use the rest of my funds for a cabinet and what not. I may look in to it and see the price difference though anyways.
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    When you were showing off your arcade you showed some shaders in retroarch that I never saw before. Where did you get the HDMI shaders from?
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    I opted to go with an i7-4790K 4.4ghz for my build's CPU It's a bit over-the-top but it had far and away the best rated single-threaded performance of any CPU (by almost 2x). Which is a huge factor for emulation purposes. Pricey though... my whole system I just went over the top so I'd be ready for the next wave of systems being emulated (X360/PS3/Wii U/3DS). Plus I get to throw modern PC games in there. You can check it out on the links in my signature if you want to see the route I took. However, if you're interested in Dreamcast and prior, you are going to be able to get away with some cheaper parts. (Gamecube now emulates pretty quick thanks to the Ishiiruka version of Dolphin though)
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    Please give a warm welcome as a new forum moderator, everyone's favourite well turned out, bald headed assassin, Agent47. He's certainly helped with my workload and kind of reminds me of myself, super helpful, quick to respond, friendly and of course very handsome. I'm sure he won't take any nonsense either, so if you've been naughty check the roof tops and behind the toilet for the master of stealth We are having a bit of a much needed shake up and clean up here at retro centre and I'm looking forward to working with our new staff and also our fantastic members. Thank you very much guys.
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    Or get a faster cpu so you won't need to overclock. The z97 motherboards all can do overclocking but like you discovered som h97 can as well with a bios update. Don't skimp on the cooler! I have two machines with G3258 overclocked and with noctua coolers, works great.
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