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    Hey everyone. Been a while since I last shared anything. Sorry to anyone that sent me PMs that I havent answered. I simply didn't have the time to reply to them all. I did read, and I did listen. Here are some samples of cases I did for Mega Drive Japan. After I'm done this project I will be working on Mega Drive Europe. Thanks for your time. Sonic Crackers (Proto) Rocket Knight Adventures Ninja Gaiden (Proto) Monster World IV Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer
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    Ok so please excuse the beta look and the blurry screen. The video has some green pix-elation and the preview video cuts off the top edge(just keep the mouse off the video). This video shows duck tracking. The video on the LCD screen is duck hunt in action recorded miss hits and slowed down to make cretin the white box shows on at least one frame. The gun is tracking the white flashes. Next up I hope to get footage from the console.
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    I have a 2.64 i7 with 8 gigs of ram and a gtx 9800 graphics card. Wonder if that would be enough to run CEMU
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    Have a look at their comparability list. There are hardly any games that load!!
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