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  1. If anyone has issues with game cube controllers not detecting right or uncontrollably rumbling. Get 1.55 ! GC is much improved and now more compatible then raph net. Previous to this discovery 4-play shared raph nets code (the adapter with the highest GC compatibility on the net AFAIK). This now makes the 4-play the number one GC adapter on the net in the way of compatibility. I'll have to contact him to show what I learned being the GC code is a share open source project but knowing him, he will not adobe the change until he learns it for himself. If you want to know more about the recent fix, see the FB page. Also UK fans, we are now distributing in the UK! Please everyone welcome VGP, this first official reseller for Bliss-Box. Please do check out VGP https://www.videogameperfection.com/products/controller-adapter-basic/%20.
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